Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Tag: circadian clocks

'Cued care' approach helps new babies, parents to sleep

‘Cued Care’ Approach Helps New Babies, Parents to Sleep

By Carolyn Crist (Reuters Health)  A new program in Australia is helping new parents to understand their infant's sleep patterns - and get better sleep themselves,...
Disrupted sleep cycles linked with mood disorders

Disrupted Sleep Cycles Linked with Mood Disorders

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health)  People who have disrupted sleep cycles or less variation in their activity levels around the clock may be more likely to...
Teen night owls more prone to emotional and behavioral problems

Teen Night Owls More Prone to Emotional and Behavioral Problems

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) Adolescents who are naturally inclined to stay up late at night are more likely to suffer from insomnia as well...
'Social jetlag' linked to lower grades

‘Social Jetlag’ Linked to Lower Grades

By Shereen Lehman (Reuters Health) When work, school and other scheduled activities are out of sync with a person's body clock, "social jetlag" results and diminishes...