Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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A cocoa tree bearing fruit is seen in a plantation in a farm in Medicilandia

Chocolate Forests – Can Cocoa Help Save The Amazon?

By Marcy Nicholson and Marcelo Teixeira NEW YORK/MEDICILÂNDIA, Brazil (Reuters) For years, Valdomiro Facchi has made a living ranching on land carved from the Amazon rainforest....
A chocolate sculpture of an elephant is seen during the chocolate sculpture festival in Durbuy

Huge Chocolate Statues Spring Up in Belgium

DURBUY, Belgium (Reuters) It sounds like a chocoholic's dreamland - giant sculptures of elephants and flamingos all crafted from Belgian chocolate The animal creations, up to...
Bars of Nestle's new 'Milkybar Wowsomes' are displayed at their Product Technology Centre in York

Nestle’s Milkybar Targets Healthy Sweet Spot with Designer Sugar

By Martinne Geller YORK, England (Reuters) Nestle is launching a lower-sugar Milkybar made with a new version of the sweetener which could help ease the...
Entertainers perform during international chocolate fair in Obidos

World’s Priciest Chocolate Goes on Display in Portugal

LISBON (Reuters) The world's most expensive chocolate went on display at a chocolate fair in Obidos in Portugal on Friday Priced at 7,728 euros ($9,489)...
A model dressed in an outfit made with chocolate presents a creation at the Brussels chocolate fair

Sweet-Toothed Fashionistas Delight in Chocolate Clothes

BRUSSELS (Reuters) In a dream mix for sweet-toothed fashionistas, models strutted the catwalk in Brussels draped in fanciful clothes made with chocolate The fashion show, which...
Yoffre Echarri holds cocoa beans on the roof of his house in Caruao

Gourmet Chocolate Becomes Economic Lifeline in Venezuela Crisis

By Corina Pons CARACAS (Reuters) In a modest apartment near a Caracas slum, nutrition professor Nancy Silva and four aids spread rich, dark Venezuelan cocoa on...