Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Tag: air taxi service

An image handed out on behalf of Vertical Aerospace shows its prototype of a flying taxi during a demonstration at Costwold Airport, near Kemble

British Air Taxi Firm Takes Flight, Inspired by F1 Racing Advances

By Eric Auchard LONDON (Reuters)  A British energy entrepreneur and one-time Formula 1 racing team owner is entering the race to build new inter-city "flying taxi"...
PR agent Elsa Goette sits in a Rolls-Royce engine of an Airbus A350-900 of Ethiopian Airlines during a site-inspection at Fraport airport

Rolls-Royce Plans for Take-Off in Flying Taxi Market

FARNBOROUGH, England (Reuters) British jet engine maker Rolls-Royce has designed a propulsion system for a flying taxi and is starting a search for partners...
A visitor looks at the new Mini Cooper on display as a first world presentation at the Geneva car show

Flying Taxi Start-Up Hires Designer behind Modern Mini, Fiat 500

By Eric Auchard LONDON (Reuters) Lilium, a German start-up with Silicon Valley-scale ambitions to put electric "flying taxis" in the air next decade, has hired Frank...
Innovative Uber Joins NASA As They Take To The Skies For Air Taxi Service

Innovative Uber Joins NASA As They Take To The Skies For...

According to some news sources, Uber has signed a long-term partnership air taxi deal with NASA The agreement outlines a flying car project, which includes...