Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Tag: age-old traditional methods

Josephine Xuereb scoops salt into buckets at the salt pans at Xwejni, outside the village of Zebbug on the island of Gozo

Maltese Family Keeps Ancient Salt-Harvesting Tradition Alive

By Darrin Zammit Lupi ZEBBUG, Malta (Reuters) Under the scorching Maltese sun, Josephine Xuereb carefully sweeps salt originating from the Mediterranean Sea into small piles,...
An elderly woman fills a jar with plum marmalade in Bordany

Plum Marmalade from The Heart – Hungarian Grandmas’ Way of Charity

BORDANY, Hungary (Reuters)  The secret of the best plum marmalade is in the heart, according to a group of Hungarian grandmothers who gather each September...
Sows are seen on a large-scale pig farm owned by the Xinguangan company in Wuxuan

China Supersizes Pig Farms to Cut Costs in World’s Top Pork...

By Dominique Patton WUXUAN COUNTY, China (Reuters) Surrounded by mountains in a remote part of southwestern China, Xinguangan's first large-scale, modern pig farm is getting ready...