Surprise: ColorWare Offering Dyed Apple AirPods


Apple is known for its stark, neutral colors and clean lines. But Minnesota-based company ColorWare is giving Apple products a vibrant new life.

ColorWare customizes all kinds of computer products and accessories–from smartphones to gaming consoles and almost everything in between. Their latest offer?

Completely customizable Apple AirPods, offering 58 different shades in either a gloss or a matte finish. For $299 plus shipping, you can rock AirPods in whatever color you imagine, even opting to do a different color for each earpiece.

The release of Apple’s iPhone 7 ruffled many customers’ feathers, when bluetooth became the only option for using headphones.

Apple released the AirPods in response, the bluetooth earbuds costing $160 with a 5 hour battery life, charging $69 to replace each lost earbud. Now, you can color coordinate all your tech with ColorWare’s services.