Superstar Lady Gaga Wows at the Super Bowl

Superstar Lady Gaga Wows at the Super Bowl

Superstar Lady Gaga Wows at the Super Bowl
Superstar Lady Gaga Wows at the Super Bowl

Lady Gaga totally wowed the audience during the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show

Not since Prince a decade ago, has a solo artist carried the show from beginning to end. Touted as having performed perfectly, giving the American public some glitz in the midst of political darkness.

The NFL denied that they had asked Gaga to remain non-political during her show. Many fans spoke of their concern that the event would become politicized. It would further polarize already disparate groups within the country. However, her renditions of God Bless America and This Land is Your Land only served to warm the hearts of all.


The 30-year-old artist began her performance atop the stadium roof

Before her spectacular leap to the stage, drones made a formation of the American flag in the sky behind her. As an artist, she has been a vocal proponent of the underdog – the different, the oppressed and the outcast.

On the night of the Super Bowl, she drew everyone together in a combined patriotic spirit. For many, it feels like it is for the first time in too long, a nation divided at times with violence. Everyone’s heart leaped as she quoted the Pledge of Allegiance. She reminded everyone that the nation is “for all“.


Her exit was equally as spectacular as her entrance

She caught a football and dove offstage. So overtaken with emotion, she wept with joy privately backstage. Her set-list included all the songs which are pertinent to everything she represents. Most poignantly, she included her latest number 1 single. Born this Way is an anthem to the survival of all, despite diversity.

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