Super Wealthy Secret Survivalists Prepare Shelters for Apocalypse (Video)

Super Wealthy Secret Survivalists Prepare Shelters for Apocalypse (Video)

Ultra wealthy survivalist preparedness Apocalypse shelters are no longer a secret.

Super Wealthy Secret Survivalists Prepare Shelters for Apocalypse
Super Wealthy Secret Survivalists Prepare Shelters for Apocalypse

Wealthy community invests in “prepped” luxury bomb shelters

I have to admit, when I first began researching this article, I felt surprise. I didn’t know rich people were investing in luxury bomb shelters. At first, it seemed extravagant. Then I wondered how long this industry has been in business. But slowly I began to understand the psychology behind the industry and the wealthy and fearful 1% of the entire world’s population that could afford such an extravagant “what if” escape shelters. After feelings of disgust, and pity passed, I began to feel peaceful and secure.

All the rich people toting security from their pocketbooks, luxury bunkers, extra survivalist homes, motorcycles, guns, and ammo, have no sense of inner peace. This is their downfall.


As the saying goes and is so widely known “we plan, and God laughs”

Since 1984 or maybe before, the idea to build luxury army class secure quarters in the event of some disaster has been in the works. There isn’t just one shelter community. There are more than we know. Matter of fact, disaster preparedness is a billion dollar industry. The only part of the wealthy percentage of the world has been secretly given access to the industry game.

One of the co-founders of Reddit admits that for years he has been talking to people about the properties and survival prep. There was always an unspoken understanding, a wink and a handshake that proved you were part of the 1%.

The right lingo and body language gave away your wealth and knowledge about the preparedness projects. It is strictly a members only club. These communities are specifically advertised as “safe for the general public.”

Indeed, every one of the investors in “prepped” projects wants this inevitability to materialize. They can blame it on the political climate; they can blame the economy or government agencies or anyone else they want.


CNBC Video:

This survival silo for the super rich costs $3M per floor from CNBC.



The very people who are preparing are simultaneously willing an apocalypse

One of the most popular luxury bomb shelters is in Kansas. The Atlas Missile silo was purchased for $300,000. Post construction, twelve full floor private apartments exist. Sold at three million dollars per unit, every private residence sold.

The residential bunker is built to withstand nuclear strikes and can support seventy-five people. It has a pharmacy, jail, food, and fuel for five years to live off the grid. There are army corps style trucks with security guards posted for protection and security. The trucks are ready to transport any owner within four hundred miles of the shelter.

The Oppidum is a compound housing a 323,000 square foot property located in the Czech Republic. Construction of the Oppidum began in 1984 with the threat of the cold war. It has high-security systems, residential premises, hotels and spa facilities as well as detection sensors designed for automated defense.

Landing strip for plane or helicopters is available. Residential owners can have an escort from any location, to any location. It incorporates a design to protect its residents from war, disease, natural disasters, terrorists, and zombies.


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