Hot & Sexy! Summer Hit Despacito Breaks Global Streaming Record (Video)

Summer Hit Despacito Breaks Global Streaming Record
Summer Hit Despacito Breaks Global Streaming Record

Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi’s Despacito may be the greatest summer song of all time. Universal Music Latin Entertainment reports that the catchy tune is now the most streamed song of all time


Luis Fonsi released his addictive Latin track Despacito only a short six months ago. However, during this short period, it has made history as the most frequently streamed song of all time.  Since it’s release on January 13th this year, it has been streamed 4.6 billion times from all the various streaming platforms.

Furthermore, because Apple doesn’t release its streaming tallies, the real number could be around 5 billion. And the summer is not yet over! As the song is still immensely popular, that number is rising exponentially every day.

Initially, the hit Spanish pop song found its way to number 2 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. Fonsi collaborated with the award winning Erika Ender to write the track. In another twist, he abandoned his usual ballad style by featuring the popular reggaetón artist Daddy Yankee. 


Bieber’s bilingual fusion of Spanish and English

But the sensual latin dance hit would go global after Justin Bieber heard Despacito, which is Spanish for Slowly, in a club in Colombia in April this year. When he saw the crowd go wild for the track, he immediately decided to record a remix a few days later, and immediately released the version. Bieber employed Marty James and Jason Boyd to create a “bilingual fusion” version of the track.

24-hours after releasing the audio video on YouTube, Bieber’s remix of Despacito received 20 million views. Quickly, this made the track break YouTube records, the video receiving the highest amount of views for a music-video debut in 2017.  While Bieber has notoriously struggled to sing the song live, it still attained number one on the Billboard Hot 100.



La Bamba, Macarena, and now Despacito

Despacito was now the first Spanish song on the Billboard charts in two decades. The last time International fans put a Spanish song at number one was Los del Río’s hit song Macarena. Before that, Los Lobos cover of Ritchie Vallen’s La Bamba. And the meteoric rise of Despacito would just continue. The summer song has shot to number one globally, with other artists covering the song in over 20 different nations.

International artists have translated and sung the song in French, Arabic, Malay, Romanian, Italian, Greek, Russian and many, many more. Comedian Mikey Bustos even created a hilarious parody version called I wear Speedos.

One of the greatest ironies for Bieber’s association with the song is that he has knocked himself off the previous streaming record holding spot. Until now, Bieber’s track Sorry has held the title with 4.38 billion listens since its release in 2015.


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YOUTUBE:  Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee


YOUTUBE:  Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee – Despacito (Remix Audio) ft. Justin Bieber