Sometimes kids say the spookiest things!

And then there are nights where we have such vivid and real dreams we wake up in a sweat, certain that what we have experienced was real – it can take us sometimes a day or so to calm down and bring ourselves back into the present world.


Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out
Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out


Could this be evidence of past lives we have lived?

Many cultures do have traditions of reincarnation, – it is a belief that has been held since the dawn of time. We will examine some of these spooky claims below – try not to get freaked out!


The Dutch Clock

Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out - The Dutch Clock
Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out – The Dutch Clock

Bruce Whittier awoke from a vivid dream one night and was immediately able to draw what he had seen in great detail. He had dreamt of a very specific looking clock, and this clue followed on from countless dreams he had had where he was a Dutch Jew called Stefan Horowitz, who had died with his entire family in Auschwitz.

He also dreamt about an antique shop where the clock was located, and he set out to find it. Shockingly, that exact clock was found in the precise shop he had dreamed about. He asked the proprietor about it and he told him that it had originated in Europe. So persistent were these dream memories, he sought a hypnotist that could take him through a past life regression.

He was able to recall the moment he suffocated after being shot in the head by the Nazis, and then how suddenly he no longer felt hungry or cold as he drifted towards a bright light. Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, who had written books about the connection between the Holocaust and reincarnation, shared Whittier’s story on speaking tours and was able to raise money for Whittier to obtain the antique clock. This gave him great peace and closure after the years of nightmares.


3-Year-Old Leads Police To Where He Had Been Killed In Past Life

Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out - 3-Year-Old Leads Police
Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out – 3-Year-Old Leads Police

The Druze are a small insular religious group that have strict rules about maintaining their ethnicity, and they also have strong beliefs about reincarnation. They are scattered around Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. They believe that if a child is born with a striking birthmark, it is usually a sign that they have had a past life.

They observe the child for clues about who they were, by taking close note of the things they say when they are very young. In one particular instance, a 3-year-old boy living in Israel’s Golan Heights was able to lead the police to where he had been murdered in his past life, and even where his body and the murder weapon had been hidden.

He had a striking red birth mark on his forehead, and was able to tell his family, and the elders of his village, which man had murdered him. He took them to the man and reminded him of how he had murdered him in his past life, with the strike of an axe to his head. The man admitted his guilt.


Parmod Sharma

Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out - Parmod Sharma
Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out – Parmod Sharma

In 1947, 2-and-a-half-year-old Parmod Sharma began to tell his mother that his wife who was living in Moradabad would cook for him instead, so she need no longer make his meals for him. He also, especially, refused to eat Curd, explaining it was dangerous for him.

A few years later, he began describing details about where he was really from, how he had been much wealthier before, and that the name of his family business had been “Mohan Brothers.” He explained that they had sold biscuits and soda. He also described how he had died in a bathtub. Not like other children, he would make complex toys for himself with electrical wiring.

He constantly begged his family to take him to his “real” family and children, but his mother was too superstitious. His “real” family in Moradabad had heard about this little boy’s claims, and were also curious as everything in his stories appeared to add up. The family did indeed own a biscuit and soda shop, and 18 months before Parmod had been born, their brother Parmanand had died from appendicitis after contracting a gastrointestinal illness following eating too much curd at a wedding feast.

Apparently he had died immediately following a series of ineffective naturopathic baths. When Parmod was eventually reunited with his past life family, he was brought to tears and threw his arms around them. He asked questions about the business and was even able to repair a complex soda manufacturing machine. He reproached his “wife” for not dressing as a widow, and corrected his “children” for not referring to him as their father.


The Barra Boy

Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out - The Barra Boy
Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out – The Barra Boy

Cameron Macaulay claimed to have both a mum and an “old mum.” His mother Norma explained that he would obsessively discuss his “old family” who lived in a white house on the beach on the Isle of Barra. She was skeptical, but his tales seemed too vivid to be the product of just an overactive imagination.

Cameron was able to explain how his “old dad” had died, and who his siblings had been. He was constantly concerned that this family greatly missed him, and he would cry to be with them. Cameron told his mother that his father had been called Shane Robertson, and he had died because “he hadn’t looked both ways.” One day a film crew came to their village, and were looking for people who had had past life memories.

Reluctant at first, Norma eventually contacted them, and she was able to meet up with Dr. Jim Tucker, a psychologist from the Virginia University in the US, who specializes in researching children who make reincarnation claims. When they took Cameron to Barra, everything was precisely as he had described it, and he was excited for his mother to meet his “old mother”.





After doing some research, they were told that there had been a family by the name of Robertson living in a white house on the beach. Sadly, his “old mother” had long passed away, but he was able to go through the house and was able to show everyone around and knew in fine detail where everything was.

After returning home, it seemed that he had made peace with his past life memories. His mother asked him how he had come to be with her in this life, and he said he remembers falling downward and into her abdomen. He has also reassured friends to not be afraid of death, “because they will come back.”


1950s American Housewife’s Past Life In Ireland

Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out - American Housewife’s Past Life In Ireland
Spooky Reincarnation Stories to Freak You Out – American Housewife’s Past Life In Ireland

Virginia Tighe was a regular Colorado housewife, but one day in 1952 an amateur hypnotist put her into a regression and she suddenly started to speak with a broad Irish accent, claiming to instead be Bridey Murphy. She described her childhood in 1806, and explained that when she was 8 years old she had lived in Cork.

She described her mother Kathleen, and her father Duncan Murphy, who she explained had worked as a barrister. Tighe went on to describe her marriage at 17 to Sean Brian McCarthy, also a barrister, and how they had moved to Belfast. She told of how she had died from a fall, how her soul had watched the funeral and described her tombstone in vivid detail.

She also went on to explain the experience that a soul has once it has left its body. Virginia Tighe had never herself been to Ireland, and spoke normally with a regular American accent. The hypnotist sent reporters to Ireland to check the accuracy of Tighe’s claims and went on to write a book about them. Tighe herself, ironically, remained skeptical about reincarnation, though before her death in 1995 she did say that she wanted to believe in it.