Sordid Secrets from the Swedish Sex Festival

Sordid Secrets from the Swedish Sex Festival
Sordid Secrets from the Swedish Sex Festival

Swedish Sex Festival Sexsibility will take place this summer, and we want to know the sordid secrets behind the hippy romp fest!


Sexsibility is Sweden’s offering to the summer festival season, and instead of being about music, it is all about sex. This year’s theme is playfulness. Organizers are encouraging festival goers to release their inner child and explore play without sexual inhibition.

Touted as being a way to create a harmonious and beautiful world, these new age sex lovers will come together to explore mystical sex practices associated with Taoism, Tantra, Shamanism, and spiritual healing.


Sexual expression in nature

Workshop leaders encourage Sexsibility attendees to explore their physical and spiritual pleasures through activities such as singing, dancing and romping in the area allocated as the “playroom.”  However, while organizers promote sexual expression at the festival, more prudish attendees are reassured that many activities will not involve getting naked and frolicking with complete strangers.

But for most, a free loving sexual experience is the sordid secret behind why many desire to attend Sexsibility. Many wish to use their sexuality to experience deeper intimacy. Their secret intention is to get in touch with their spiritual pleasure centers to get in touch with the divine.


Workshops that turn up the heat

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Every workshop throughout the one-week festival is measured by its sexual intensity. Organizers give a rating of zero chilies to simple workshops. These involve general activities such as yoga, meditation, Qigong, and lectures. In other words, you can learn about such titillating subjects as polyamory without needing to experiment with it in real life.

If you wish to turn up the sexual thermostat, then you could try one of the workshops that rate at one chili.  For example, in one particular workshop, the leader encourages women to awaken their vaginas.

Allegedly, women achieve this by inserting a jade or rose quartz egg inside themselves. In yet another, workshop leaders invite participants to strip down to their birthday suits and have a chakra dance experience. A further workshop allows you to do naked yoga.


YOUTUBE(Lorenzo Stiernquist):


Two chilies are workshops where participants really begin to intimately discover the sexual secrets behind the true focus of the festival. You can attend tantric-shamanistic workshops in which you strip to the nude and experience body-to-body massage with another person.

Workshop leaders encourage participants to re-connect with their wild original power. Another workshop asks you to explore whether you have a bi-sexual side. Leaders give you the opportunity to romp with a member of the same sex.


Sordid secrets revealed

Those festival goers that wish to participate in heightened sexual pleasure at Sexsibility can partake in three chili workshops. Make your orgasm holy in a group orgasm ceremony that takes place in a “beautiful ritual setting.”

Men can explore the pleasures of “rear entry” and potentially discover their g-spot, while women can seek their g-spot during a workshop called “Sacred Squirting.” Keen attendees can choose to get kinky with some rope play.

Attendees must be over the age of 18, and organizers are still taking bookings for the 2017 festival.

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