OMG! Sinead O’Connor Appeals on Facebook About Mental Illness

Facebook Suicidal Video Alarm - God Bless and Help Her!

OMG! Sinead O'Connor Appeals on Facebook About Mental Illness
OMG! Sinead O'Connor Appeals on Facebook About Mental Illness

Sinead O’Connor publicly breaks down on Facebook


Famous singer/songwriter, Sinead O’Connor posts a heart-wrenching video to Facebook. Following a diagnosis of three mental illnesses, Sinead is fighting for her life. She announced over social media, that she is alone and fighting every day to stay alive for the people who love her. Her clear face reveals the unpretentiousness of her public message and feelings.

Confessing the agony, she has carried around for so long. Sinead fights every day with the internal war. Her plea to everyone to embrace those who share these types of struggles reveals the goodness in her heart. She wishes people would understand mental illness and havoc it reaps.

It’s not unusual to occasionally feel sad, depressed or disappointed about something. Meanwhile, when the feelings interfere with your personal life, career or any other responsibilities, that’s when it is defined as a mental illness.



These types of problems manifest in people from all walks of life.

Depression, like other types of illnesses, does not discriminate. It doesn’t take notice of who you are or from where you come. Anyone can suffer. Sometimes, medications and clinical psychotherapy can help, but not always.

In 1990, Sinead O’Connor released her well-known rendition of Nothing Compares 2U. The officially released music video features Sinead singing directly to the camera.





Her delivery is raw and genuine. Sinead sings straight from her soul to yours. She has a reputation for carrying a beautiful singing voice with controversial opinions.

Sinead was born in Ireland along with four other siblings. Her childhood was troubled with family divorce and child abuse. Sinead was sent to a severe Catholic school to “straighten out” the troubled teen.

In some ways, her life was better with the structure the strict religious lifestyle dictated. However, in other ways, Sinead was forced to express her feelings through other outlets.

Eventually finding other music minded souls, Sinead began singing and belted out her soul exquisitely. In fact, her singing caught acclaimed attention at the early age of fifteen.


Since then, she has collaborated with many musicians and sung her way to music nominations and awards of all kinds.

Nevertheless, her personal life remains sad. Her struggle with the effects of mental illness began long before her actual diagnosis. Now she admits to feeling lonely and alone. She is living in a hotel in New Jersey. Her appeal to her children specifically to come and get her is blatant.

Sinead has been married four times and has a child from each. They do not live with her which is a big source of her sadness and heartache.


People with these traumas give so much love in their lives.

Her most recent release on Facebook is meant to be a wake up call. She is attempting to shake up the world on media to the needs of people with mental illness. The message that she is only one of millions of people who have mental illness.

Society wants to use mental illness to invalidate the individuals and their suffering. Sinead points out that the pain is real. It’s not an excuse for something. Sadness, depression and anger result from trauma individuals inflict on one another.

She wants everyone to see what it’s like to struggle from the loneliness. Love is the cure she recommends. Reach out to people who are lonely and alone. Visit people and don’t leave them to suffer alone.


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