OMG! Simon Cowell Fall Off Bike And In Pain?

It is amazing how one event in history can change things in an individual's life.

  • Simon Cowell hospitalised after breaking his back
  • Simon Cowell fall off bike
  • The talent show mogul incident

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The Setting

Many of you know Simon Cowell due to his role on the standout show, “American Idol.” Cowell has always spoken his mind and been brutally honest with contestants. Well, after a bike accident in August, Cowell is lucky he can talk at all.

The 60-year-old had quite the incident all while riding his bicycle. Cowell’s life will change for the next few months, at least, if not longer. Nevertheless, the details are below for what happened to the great Simon Cowell.


The Talent Show Mogul Incident

What transpired, and what you will see all over the tabloids, is that “Simon Cowell falls off a bike.” It is certainly not great to see other headlines like “Simon Cowell hospitalised after breaking his back.” Cowell was trying out an electric bike or all things. While taking the bike out for a spin, the talent show mogul incident occurred. Just outside his Malibu home, the accident transpired.

OMG! Simon Cowell Fall Off Bike And In Pain?

Taken to the hospital

Cowell immediately was taken to the hospital and will receive surgery later this month. His family did see the accident, reports say, and it was probably best they did so Cowell could receive immediate help. Still, it must have been hard to see Simon go down hard.

Weight loss

Simon Cowell was due back to work on his most recent endeavor, “America’s Got Talent,” by August 11th. But, the date will get pushed back. Cowell has had a busy few months with him taking full ownership of “America’s Got Talent” and “The X-Factor.”

There was a buy out between Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment to make this happen. Additionally, Simon has lost over 50 pounds recently to live a healthier lifestyle. This way, Cowell can work and be around his family longer. Hopefully, the talent show mogul incident will not put him back to far.

OMG! Simon Cowell Fall Off Bike And In Pain?

Quarantine lockdown

During the quarantine lockdown, Cowell has been diligent in dropping the pounds and eating a clean regimen of food. By cooking more of his food, and exercising a lot, Cowell had said he was still having a lot of fun during the quarantine. But, Cowell has voiced his sadness over one food he loves: pizza. Cowell’s son has been ordering out more during the quarantine, and Simon has had to pace himself.

While in quarantine, Simon has been spending time with his 6-year-old, Eric, as well as longtime girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, and her 14-year-old son named Adam. Due to the coronavirus and not Cowell’s back injury, Simon was already going to miss the finals of “Britain’s Got Talent” sadly.

With changed schedules in place, things will have to get changed up even more with the Cowell back injury, since he will stay in the United States of America, due to the virus and his back. Still, Cowell will have the opportunity to virtual be connected into all three of his shows, as soon as he is back to health again.

OMG! Simon Cowell Fall Off Bike And In Pain?


Hopefully, very soon, we will start to see less “Simon Cowell hospitalised after breaking his back” and “Simon Cowell falls off a bike” headlines, and more “Simon Cowell Fully Recovered” ones. Breaking your back has to be a very traumatic experience. But, if you know anything about Cowell, you know he will keep that fire inside of him lit to work harder and harder for his family and his television show viewers.

As if COVID-19 could get any worse, it looks like he has for the television mogul. But, we wish him the absolute best and expect to see him soon on the television screen. Because how would a world without Simon Cowell look? The world would not be as entertaining. Also, we would not get to see the sweet moments where Cowell gushes over a participant. Those are the moments we are going to miss while he is away.