Brother and sister UFO hunter team discover 37th parallel

Books have been written about it. Television shows and movies bring the lights and bright pictures to the forefront of our minds. Now, a brother and sister collaborate to investigate the 37th parallel. It is the name they have given to the UFO highway. Its coordinates highlight the trail along its path.



For the past 28 years, Chuck Zukowski has been researching paranormal phenomenon. Debbie Ziegelmeyer, Chuck’s sister, helps her brother with his search. They have documented citing’s with sounds, lights, locations and more. Witness testimonies on each case are gathered, compiled and entered into a database. They host conferences explaining their data and investigations. The popularity of these two UFO hunters has become so well know that a movie is set to be filmed about their endeavors.

It was in 2011 that Chuck first publicly announced in a press release the 37-degree latitude theory. The origin of this theory is based on a cattle mutilation pattern along the latitude line. Chuck had noticed consistent markings on mutilated cattle as well as their location. It was as if a cattle killer had a pattern.




After additional observation of some earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia, Chuck made a record of the shallow focus earthquakes. Could they be related to each other? Thus, he began tracking the 37th parallel.


Mufon UFO Network

Debbi Zeigelmeyer is a state director for the Mufon UFO Network. Mufon’s mission and goal are to investigate sightings, promote UFO research and educate the public on this phenomenon. Mufon takes pride in incorporating the scientific methodology in their data collection and research.


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First collections contain very specific reports

Criteria taken into account includes date, time, latitude, longitude, witness background information, witness reports, UFO color, shapes, brightness, and direction. Witnesses go through thorough interviews. A science review board monitors all theory analysis. The board consists of eight to nine scientists. Each has backgrounds in chemistry, geology, biology, computer science, physics or astronomy.

UFO sightings and those investigating them, have noticed crop circles, cattle catastrophe, abduction, and implants. There are numerous conspiracy theories throughout time documenting unidentifiable incidents.


Brother and sister team

The brother and sister duo has taken UFO reporting and investigating to a new level. While Chuck is more analytical in his documentation of an incident, Debbie views the scene in her way. Consequently, together they can gather twice as much information from a citing than just two men or two women taking down information. Additionally, while interviewing witnesses, a female can relate more to Debbie and a male to Chuck. They compliment each other in every way. Because the nature of their relationship as siblings doesn’t interfere, they are uncompromisingly effective.

However, Mufon began its network in the 1960s. Despite this, Chuck explains the GPS coordinates indicating the 37th parallel includes states straddling the United States. Markers of citings range from Native American lands to underwater caves and everything in between.




The 37th latitude is very active with paranormal activity

Indeed, Chuck believes strongly “the bottom line is the 37th latitude is like a UFO highway or paranormal highway across the continent. We seem to think that this highway is a major highway that these crafts use-they seem to exit and enter here.” In the meantime, Chuck has written and published a book about his findings. A movie will soon follow his book.

Of course, Debbie is currently investigating coordinates lining up with the 37th latitude across the globe. Meanwhile, Athens, Greece as well as the border between North Korea and South Korea sits on this line. Simultaneously, surveys about incidents happening over the oceans have been collected.


Their careers began with crash retrieval investigations

They employed electromagnetic field instruments and night vision goggles. It all sounds like a scene out of Ghostbusters. It explains why others have imagined and are now planning a blockbuster movie. Moreover, this science fiction is the fuel for many innovations and much entertainment.

Nevertheless, the two remain serious about their goal to discover UFOs.


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