Shameful Hollywood Pedophilia Worldwide Connection Exposed By Actors, Models, and Clergymen

Actors, comedians and other entertainment celebs blow the whistle on pedophilia and how it runs the industry

Shameful Hollywood Pedophilia Worldwide Connection Exposed By Actors, Models, and Clergymen
Shameful Hollywood Pedophilia Worldwide Connection Exposed By Actors, Models, and Clergymen

Pedopheilia, sex trafficking and sex abuse is everywhere

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. As a writer, there is so much information here, not only about pedophilia.  I am simply at a loss for words. I wonder, which angle to come in and begin my article. But it has so many spikes; I find myself overwhelmed with all the coverups, evil, dark, filth that rules every aspect of our lives. How can I do it justice with a summary?

Trace my discovery

Elijah Wood is a well known and very talented actor. He has starred in many movies one of which is Lord of the Rings. I could go on about his career, but he reveals something much more disturbing. Elijah Wood is not alone.

Not in his experience, nor his desire to reveal the truth. Many want to tell accurate facts. The time has come for people to stand up for their values and their beliefs, no matter what the cost. That is what Elijah Wood is doing. He is accompanied by Corey Feldman, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Ashton Kutcher, John Cusack, Jonny Depp, the list goes on because the damage has touched everyone in Hollywood.

The people in control of this evil haven’t only focused on child stars or rising stars, they have also constructed a network as vast as the highways that we drive along to get from one end of the country to the other. The twists and turns will leave you breathless, nauseous, sick from the scenic view you are about to understand.

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First, a delve into the process of this seedy practice

The first stage for sex abuse is the grooming phase. Managers of the industry of sex abuse, sex trafficking, and other subtle abuse use this tactic to gain access. Beginning with Agents, managers, priests, cardinals, government leaders, bank executives and many others in prominent and powerful positions, they will test the waters with young “yummy” potential victims.

Whether they have the looks, talent, connections, or money, these individuals begin a process of establishing trust with victims and anyone surrounding them. Once trust has been built, the abuse can commence. With threats of extortion, blackmail, false accusations or potential to have their careers or families ruined, victims are convinced to participate in molestation, sodomy, rape, bestiality, any numbers of sexual perversions with varying degrees of excuses and explanations to justify their means and actions.


So now, I will spell it out for you

In Hollywood, every city, country, community, and religion, people are looking to abuse children. There is an underground well aware of this sex highway, and they patrol, protect and monitor all it’s access routes and detours.

Hollywood specifically is built on a system where agents organize work for young talent, receive a commission for arranging work and the young talent must pay back their managers. If they are not willing to do so in the way expected, they will be blacklisted, dumped and discredited at every turnpike and juncture. I don’t want to minimize the extent of the damage done in Hollywood.

But for those in search of a life of fame and fortune, there is a quantifiable cost. To a certain degree, these people can choose to back away from the spotlight and pursue a different type of career. Having said that, it must also be understood this type of corruption exists in every business. Additionally, the Catholic church grooms young legions, church boys, boys committed to a life of celibacy, according to the church anyway.


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