Sexually Liberated Woman Detests Random Male Attention

Sex-obsessed woman wishes to fend off random men's attention.

Sexually Liberated Woman Detests Random Male Attention
Sexually Liberated Woman Detests Random Male Attention

Sex-obsessed Sarah Fader wants to publicly express her sexuality and simultaneously avoid receiving unwanted male attention.


Writer Sarah Fader recently wrote an article for The Good Men Project which describes how she loves to express herself as an “openly sexual person.” She writes an emotional exposition on what she needs men to know about her behaviors. In her article, she describes how she loves to publicly discuss having sex in the same way one discusses eating a sandwich. Fader also believes she feels inundated with a particular type of male attention that she does not like. She wants to be able to discuss orgasms, and to describe riding her lover in the morning, without any other man getting the “wrong idea.


Can women express their sexuality without garnering attention from men they would not choose to have sex with?

Since feminism emerged throughout the past century, many women have felt that they can freely express their sexuality how, when and where they like it. They are under the impression that in order to obtain equal rights, they need to have the freedom to be as naked and promiscuous as they see fit. She states “women like to feel sexy, and often it has nothing to do with men.

There are many things that Fader remains oblivious to, in her keenness to be open about her sexual obsessions. The starkest thing she is oblivious to is that that sexuality is one of the most confusing parts of the human condition. All in all, she cannot simplify it by merely telling men what they can and cannot do. Additionally, I can guarantee to Fader, that most men are actually not seeing her behavior as an open invitation. Yes, most men do not view her in that way. She is literally dealing with a minority.


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Creepy people

The type of people that act creepily, as she describes, suffer a certain personality that is not gendered. It is not a man thing. It is a human condition thing. There are just as many “creepy” women as there are men. Men also need to proverbially “cover up” behaviors and parts of their lives to avoid attracting untoward women. Just looking at the horrendous state of the mental health services around the globe, one can see immediately that unstable people are woven amongst the population. Both male and female.

Ultimately, being predatory is not gendered. Everyone has either more or less control over their predatory nature. The predatory nature is a survival instinct which is located in the amygdala or the brain stem. The desire to survive manifests differently in different people, but is commonly sourced in this area of the brain. The amygdala can make a man or women believe that they have the right to prey on whoever and whatever they like, in order to satiate their desires. Those desires could be sexual, financial, or for power.


Swimming with sharks

Essentially, all humans swim with proverbial sharks. If you don’t take the necessary protection to avoid them, it’s not that you are asking for it, but that you are certainly naive. The question is, do we allow ourselves to remain naive and blame the entire opposite gender for any experiences we have of predators? Fader seems to fall into this trap.

Fader wants to be able to post pictures of herself in her bikini. She wants to discuss her love of her vibrator. Orgasms are one of her favorite topics. All of these things, she feels, she can freely lay out for public viewing and consumption. But for some naive reason, she thinks that she can control what happens once she releases these words and images into the outer world. Why does she need to make a song and dance when, inevitably, several predators respond?


Exhibitionists attract voyeurs

Most women cannot relate to any single word within her article. We just don’t experience predators as she describes them. Why her, and not the rest of us? Her problem with predators is not a man vs. woman thing. It is an element contained within her personality, that clashes with others who have a predatory nature. It is not even to do with her sexuality. To put it simply, exhibitionists attract voyeurs.

Finally, if we are going to achieve true equality of the sexes, we need to view both sexes on an equal playing field. In other words, having a victim’s complex effectively defeats this purpose.