Mangaia is one of the Cook Islands in the south pacific

The islands used to be troubled with cannibalism but now they have adopted Christian beliefs. Nevertheless, the Mangaian culture focuses very much on sexual development.

Some say the most sexually liberated country in the world is Mangaia. However, in reality, the focus on sex remains unnaturally enthusiastic and vigorously groomed. Children are separated from the tender age of four by gender. At age eight, nine and ten both boys and girls learn to masturbate and stimulate their sexual appetites.



Age 13 for boys accept a cut along the penis then go away for two weeks to receive mentorship about sex. Once the two weeks pass, an arranged meeting with an older woman will teach the young boy about sex positions, and how to perform various sexual acts. Explicitly, the boy is shown that endurance, stamina and pleasing his partner are what defines a sexual encounter as good.


Impotence is the Mangaians biggest fear

Following the tutelage of the male and female mentors, encouragement to try to have sex with as many girls as often as he possible is the norm. Girls are also invited to experience as many partners as possible.


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Although sexually active youth is mandatory according to the culture, some girls and women wish to refrain, even if for a time. Thus, these women meet violent reactions and often rape. Because Mangian culture imposes of strong sex standards. Rape is considered an act of rebelliousness. Boys are taught during their mentorship that girls don’t desire sex as much as boys. Their huge sexual appetites are normal, thus giving consent to take it whenever they want it.


Abstinence by either gender is strongly discouraged

Mangaian men aquire deep respect if they pleasure their women. Orgasms are noted and talked about freely in this culture. Men often brag about having sex with a woman. Wearing down a woman enough so that she loses weight due to physical exertion from sexual gymnastics is definitely highly respected. The goal is for each participant to reach climax.

Safe sex is not a concern to the Christians in the islands. Because of the rigorous sex and variety of partners, when a female gets pregnant the father is often unknown. The number of illegitimate children is very high. Likewise, this fact does not sway them from their goals.



In sharp contrast to Mangaia, Inis Beag, another small secluded island off the coast of Ireland has the label of most sexually repressed society in the world. In this culture, nudity is abhorred. Married couples keep their undergarments on during intercourse. Premarital sex simply not practiced. Married couples limit their activities to one position, missionary.

Males in Inis Beag, often orgasm quickly then fall off to sleep. Their wives do not experience orgasm at all. Men in this culture maintain a general attitude that sex is bad for your health. A repressed atmosphere like this one correlates to high alcoholism and related tendencies.


Inis Beag reported high anxiety and dissatisfaction in life as common

Sexuality is harmful and shameful in Inis Beag, and children receive no sex education. Any expressions of love or affection between parents do not involve any physical contact. The concept of foreplay, female orgasm or any sexual pleasure is sinful.



This Christian culture encourages women to submit to their husbands without deserving any satisfaction for themselves.

The contrast between these two cultures shows a blatant example of how extremes are severely dangerous and unhealthy. Western civilization considers sexual satisfaction a normal and healthy  attitude. Such an attitude reduces anxiety and stress. Many people might feel shy or not strongly about intimate activities. Such an approach is just as valid as any other worldview.

Both Mangaia and Inis Beag need an adjustment so they can cope appropriately with social norms.


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