Sex Discrimination in the Lab is Bad Science

Sex Discrimination in the Lab is Bad Science
Sex Discrimination in the Lab is Bad Science

Sex discrimination in the lab or any place is bad enough


Add to that research sex discrimination and what have you got? Bad science and research data that is incomplete not to mention incorrect. This happens all the time in the science lab.

There is such a thing as genetic diversity. It spans multiple genotypes. Both considering male and female subjects is the only way to create a viable search for honest biology.

Many agencies have long disregarded the preferred study of one sex over the other. However, in doing so, research is translated to biased, unreliable documentation. Additionally, funding that is so difficult to acquire and retain cheats an experiments truth.


According to one lab that specifically studies flies, experimental biology only focused on the male of the species

The lab studies all kinds of flies. There are more than 16,000 different types. While only collecting females flies for genetic reproduction, the male flies were studied and observed about every other category. The lab attendant, in this case, contacted other labs to find out if they did the same. Across the board, the answer was yes. Incidentally, the managers of the labs were all men as well.

You might ask why this is important. When doing any biological study, dealing with organic creatures and elements, gathering factual reliable data is the only way to apply it properly.


For example, let’s say you are studying a drug in a laboratory

Initially, you’ll want to know what the effects are and how to use it properly. Drug trials take real life organic creatures to test and to observe side effects if any, or other reactions to medication. In this example, only studying one gender from a genius will quantify results being gender specific.

A more global observable picture is clear, by collecting information on both the male and female subjects. Our hormones and chemicals are similar, but the differences are notable.




Therefore, the results and outcomes will vary as well

In the instance of the fruit fly investigation, our lab technician found that each line or a variety of fruit fly exhibits distinct, unique genetic differences.

Often, a single female was fertilized in the lab. Based on the family line of the fly, genetic diversity shows how flies react differently to chemicals, starvation, mutations, stress and especially how DNA communicate.

In conclusion, genetic diversity is a huge consideration if biological studies are to be accurate. This application is not only for the object of our studies but also the researchers conducting the studies themselves.

A clear picture must include an analytical mind as much as a deep understanding. Both are important. Uniquely relevant and credible.


It’s time to change the status quo

Not because men are better than women or vice versa. Rather, because both views and intellectual capacities need an application to get a full understanding. This doesn’t only apply to science; it applies to everything.

Male and Female were created to compliment and help one another. Don’t you think the time has come for cooperation?