Secret World of Sexual Lactation

Secret World of Sexual Lactation
Secret World of Sexual Lactation

Many are secretly curious about the various sexual fetishes that exist

And usually, a quick visit to any pornographic website will satiate that curiosity. However, the world we live in can be a bit more bizarre than originally imagined.

Welcome to the world of “Adult Breastfeeding Relationships” or “ABR”. Yes. Such a thing exists. But, is this merely a sexual fetish or is there more to it? Let’s briefly learn a few things about this concept before we begin exploring this topic.

Adult breastfeeding is also known as ANR or Adult Nursing Relationship. In a relationship involving two people, the female breastfeeds her male partner.  Or her female partner, if they are lesbians.

From a sexual perspective, ANR is enjoyable to those who are “turned on” by the female breast. These are people who find the act of suckling itself, erotic.

While many may find this to be strange, there is an alternative perspective to the whole act.  Nursing couples believe that it’s a way to profess their love for one another.


Romance and Breastfeeding

Garett and Ellie have been a couple for quite some time. Their actions are clear indicators of their affection for one another. On the surface, they seem like any other normal couple in love with each other.

However, Garett and Ellie are a nursing couple. Ellie purposefully induced lactation to produce the breast milk for Garett’s consumption. And Garett and Ellie aren’t the only ones.



Secret World of Sexual Lactation
Secret World of Sexual Lactation


Jennifer Mulford and Brad Lee are another couple that takes part in adult suckling as a way of sharing their love

In fact, Jennifer even quit her job as a bartender to start the “unique” relationship.

Currently, Jennifer isn’t naturally lactating. However, she induces the process through “dry feeding”.  This convinces her body to produce milk.

Questioned about her choice, Jennifer responded by stating how she had become involved. She claims she had initially come across an ANR/ABR site during her single days. The site, she claims, had users discussing the bond that such an act could create between two people.

Jennifer added that she felt envious of the whole thing. She explained how her breasts are her most erogenous zones. This convinced her of the act’s potential enjoyability.

Soon after, Jennifer went on a search for the right man. She wanted someone who would be open to the idea of an adult breastfeeding relationship.

At first, her initial strategies failed. However, she eventually found her match in Brad, who happened to be an ex from her school days.

Apparently, Brad had already harbored a preference of top-heavy women. This opened up an opportunity for Jennifer to present her idea. Long story short, Brad agreed with a subtle excitement in his voice.


More than a Sexual Fetish

The question as to why people enter ANRs has many answers. As mentioned earlier, there is obviously a sexual angle to the whole thing. However, not all necessarily agree that sexual pleasure is the only objective.



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