Secret Superpowers of the Humble Olive

Secret Superpowers of the Humble Olive
Secret Superpowers of the Humble Olive

Did you know that the humble olive packs some serious superpower health punches?


The humble olive commonly becomes relegated to being a pizza topping or a simple bar snack with a beer. And, you have likely heard about the benefits of olive oil, it’s monounsaturated fat content being superior to other oils you can use with food.

But the humble olive itself is magnificent for your health. It is time for you to give it more prominence in your diet so you may enjoy its secret superpowers! There are many varieties of this little fruit. However, the color determines its level of ripeness. Consequently, black olives contain the peak amount of health benefits.


Cancer prevention

Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals within our body fat. Black olives just happen to contain a lot of vitamin E, which can prevent cell mutations that lead to cancer. What gives the olive’s vitamin E content more power to do this job, is that it is delivered to the body within healthy monounsaturated fats.


Arthritis relief

Black olives contain polyphenols, as well as the aforementioned vitamin E, and monounsaturated fats. These are anti-inflammatory and work to reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Additionally, olives contain oleocanthal, which serves to lessen the pain of such conditions. Oleocanthal works similarly to drugs like ibuprofen.


Anemia prevention

Black olives are packed with iron, which our blood needs to enable our red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout our bodies. When we lack iron, we can develop anemia, which can be deadly. The iron within olives gives us energy, and as a bonus, it helps produce an amino acid called carnitine which converts fat to energy.




Secret Superpowers of the Humble Olive

Heart attack prevention

Black olives are packed with anti-oxidants that prevent cholesterol from oxidizing. This keeps our arteries fat free, and serve to prevent heart disease, and ultimately heart attack. Experts consider the monounsaturated fat contained within olives to be a “good” fat, which instead increases the right kind of cholesterol our bodies actually need.


Healthy skin and hair

Another benefit of the humble olive’s anti-oxidant content is that it creates healthier hair and skin. This, combined with the olive’s fatty acids, mean that our skin becomes protected, nourished and hydrated. This can lead to skin cancer prevention, as well as enable us to enjoy its anti-aging qualities. Even the ancients knew the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil as a skin moisturizer. And eating olives will also provide similar benefits.


Healthy eyes

Black olives also contain vitamin A, which is crucial for the health of our eyes. Devouring a delicious cup of these gives you your 10% recommended daily allowance of this important vitamin. Your vision will improve, even at night! Vitamin A has also been shown to prevent glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.


Digestive health

A Spanish study at the Barcelona University showed that the monosaturated fats and Vitamin E within black olives prevented colon cancer. These crucial nutrients not only neutralize free radicals but also serve to protect the digestive tract from gastritis and ulcers, by activating bile secretion.

You will also get around 17% of your daily requirement of fiber from merely a cup of black olives. This ensures that everything you eat moves smoothly through your digestive system.