Scottie Nell Hughes Claims She Consented to Rape to Get Promotion

Scottie Nell Hughes claims she allowed Charles Payne to rape her for a few years so she could get a promotion

Scottie Nell Hughes Claims She Consented to Rape to Get Promotion
Scottie Nell Hughes Claims She Consented to Rape to Get Promotion

Scottie Nell Hughes permitted Charles Payne to rape her for three years so she could get a promotion at Fox News


According to Scottie Nell Hughes legal team, Fox News Host Charles Payne allegedly requested that Hughes allow him to rape her for around three years in exchange for a promise of a promotion in the media network. Hughes claims that when she finally decided to no longer consent to the alleged rapes, Fox News suddenly began to shun her. Suddenly, she claims, she no longer received speaking appointments with them.

Fox News has been bearing the brunt of many sexual harassment claims by female employees of the network. Recent firings over similar allegations have included many big names. Big names such as Bill O’Riley and Roger Ailes, who has since passed away. However, Payne vehemently denies the allegations against him. Alternatively, he admits that the pair had a consensual affair.

The network has since reinstated him after a short suspension from his role. Meanwhile, Hughes claims that Fox has since “blacklisted” her. She alleges that they no longer give her permission to appear on the Fox network.


Sex-obsessed news network

According to many sources at Fox News, the network is full of sex-obsessed people, affairs, harassment and predators of both sexes. It appears as though two predators, Payne and Hughes, met their match in one another. Him preying on her for sexual gratification. Her preying on him for career promotion.






Nevertheless, the true details remain anecdotal at this stage. Indeed, it is merely her word against his. However, there does appear to be some potentially damning evidence against Hughes claims. However, the source of the “evidence” is via rather infamous and historically untrustworthy news sources. For example, the National Enquirer claimed to get a hold of emails allegedly sent from Hughes to Payne, in which she explicitly describes sexual acts that she wishes for them to perform together.


Sordid leaked emails

Meanwhile, both Payne and Hughes remain married to other people. Additionally, they have children with their respective spouses. Payne’s wife claims she had been growing uncomfortable with Hughes overfamiliarity with her husband at a birthday party.

Some suspect that Payne’s wife was the source who leaked the racy emails to the National Enquirer. But why the National Enquirer? The National Enquirer is also notorious for undertaking controversial activities such as paying contributors for tips. The industry generally frowns on such practices. However, one might say that there is very little differentiation between the integrity levels of Fox News and the National Enquirer anyway.

So is Hughes appropriating the serious crime of rape as revenge for her career not turning out as she planned? Or did some kind of serious crime occur? For a fervent Trump supporter, generally denigrated by feminists, it appears that Hughes rape claims may finally warm many feminist hearts and encourage them to take her under their wings.

Jezebel magazine will always believe a woman when they cry rape, even when no evidence is available, and recently they wrote a piece in support of their usually sworn enemy, just because she cried rape. If worse comes to worse, Hughes will always be able to find a loving arm around her shoulder amongst the feminists.


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