Scientists Urgent Meteor Warning

Scientists Urgent Meteor Warning

Scientists Urgent Meteor Warning
Scientists Urgent Meteor Warning

Recently, Scientists issued an urgent meteor warning

The threat of a meteor or comet destroying our existence is real, and not just a high grossing storyline from Hollywood.

In fact, just in October 2016, a large asteroid came into the close vicinity of Earth. Fortunately, scientists detected that it wouldn’t hit the earth this particular time by using a new NASA computer program called Scout.

Nevertheless, these scientists are now gravely concerned that the odds are becoming more and more stacked against us. Horrifyingly, we indeed are due for another extinction level impact from a space rock.

NASA scientist expresses fears

Dr. Joseph Nuth, a researcher at NASA, recently expressed these concerns at an annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Nuth claimed that an extinction level event occurs every 50-60 million years. In other words, this means our time is running out for another one.

Occasionally, Earth does experience impact from smaller space rocks that manage to reach and hit the surface. However, many simply burn up when they hit earth’s atmosphere.

While threat detection technology has improved, no response plan exists. In fact, of all the space-rocks, the threat of a comet is the most unpredictable and menacing. Frighteningly, they can be randomly thrown off course and knocked into a path heading for earth.

Furthermore, their speed of impact surpasses the speed of other space rocks. Additionally, Earth has had a couple of near misses throughout the last couple of decades, the last one was as recently as 2014. Shockingly, scientists discovered it would have given only a 22-month deadline to create a spacecraft that could be launched to deflect it.

Alarmingly, that is an impossible time frame to build such a craft. In fact, such a build would probably take at least five years.


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