OMG! Scientists Trace Mystery Radio Signal To Dwarf Galaxy


Scientists have finally traced a mysterious fast radio burst – or FRB – to a location more than 3 billion light-years away.


The signal was first discovered in 2007, when scientists thought it was emanating from within the Milky Way itself, or from a close galactic neighbors.

But a new report in the journal Nature confirms the FRB actually comes from a dwarf galaxy 1% the mass of our own, located in the pentagon-shaped constellation Auriga.

According to Cornell University researcher Shami Chatterjee, “These radio flashes must have enormous amounts of energy to be visible from over 3 billion light-years away.”

But alien enthusiasts can hold their breaths, as scientists do not consider ET’s to be the source of the signal.

According to Chatterjee, “We think it may be a magnetar – a newborn neutron star with a huge magnetic field.¬†Inside a supernova remnant or a pulsar wind nebula – somehow producing these prodigious pulses.”