Scientists are clear about what is best and harmful for you

If you believe this, you are buying into the world order plans. According to Futurism, Facebook, Nasa and the umbrella arm named media, you are allowing fear to rule your life. This tactic of fear permeates every nook and cranny of our lives. Claiming scientists know it all is another fallacy. The only thing scientist know how to do is theorize.


For all intents and purposes, I can call myself a scientist, claim the coronal mass ejection is failing, and the sun is burning itself out, etc. and you will get scared. Then I can propose to you a solution. The answers to calming all your fears lie within my plan to take your tax paying dollars and build a cover over the earth. I can tell you this cover’s intent is to protect you from the elements and destruction into which the world is headed. I can build this structure and block out the sun, and the air and the wind and nature will change completely.




Once I have done this, I can scare you with notions that the air is being polluted and you must buy it to breathe. Then I can take your tax paying dollars, or I can charge an exorbitant amount of money for three different grades of air. Pure, semi-pure and deadly. Inevitably, you will buy all of it. The stories, the structure, and the deadly oxygen.


The truth without fear

In all seriousness, take a look at the human body. It is designed to heal itself. Every time you get a cut, your blood cells respond with killing off foreign bodies and maintaining healthy cells and repair. Guess what, the solar system and nature do the same thing. The ozone layer could probably heal itself if we left it alone. Everything was created with sentience. There is wisdom in everything just as there is truth in everything. Look for the truth, and you won’t be afraid of anything.




Nevertheless, fear is a real motivator, and it’s working very well

Geoengineering one of the tactics used to create holes in the ozone layer. Your taxes are funding it along with your fears. At this point, most of these reports should signal a clear red flag indicating an outside force attempting to control you. How come you can see it in your relationships but not in your governments? The same rules for manipulation, control, narcissistic behavior, gas lighting, etc., exist coming from all people, organizations, and societies controlling your money.



I hear myself sounding like a broken record. Meanwhile, I come across masses of information all pointing in the same direction even though the subject might vary. Let’s face it, government, finances, military, media, families, social services, food, drugs, religion and more, all represent arms under an umbrella that is controlled by someone or something. They will make it rain or look like rain so you will stay under their umbrella. They will also make it difficult, if not impossible for you to exit.


Why would you be afraid if the sun shut down anyway? Is that even possible?

The sun is a constant you can wake up with every day. The only possible way it would stop shining is if we did something to damage it. We are our own worst enemies. Moreover, this fear based society is manipulating. People need to be more than aware; they need to take action. Be responsible for all that you have and everything you do. Investigate your mark in the world. Make sure what you leave is good.

If everyone is responsible, there is no need to fear anything. Do good, and good will come to you. That goodness includes our minds, bodies, souls and certainly our solar system.


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