Could This Scientific Advice Save You Thousands of Dollars?

Could This Scientific Advice Save You Thousands of Dollars?

Could This Scientific Advice Save You Thousands of Dollars?
Could This Scientific Advice Save You Thousands of Dollars?

Scientists have revealed a simple way to for you to save thousands of dollars every year!


We don’t usually associate science with trying to save money. At first glance, it appears that scientists would be an utterly bizarre source from which to obtain financial advice.

However, scientists were able to make a correlation between how much people exercise, and the amount wasted on health care and loss of earnings that are the consequence of a life of physical inactivity.


Lancet Study

Research printed in the Lancet last year revealed that as little as 30 minutes of exercise each day could save you around $2,500 annually!

Researchers of the paper analyzed how much money was needlessly wasted in direct health-care costs, productivity losses and disability-adjusted life years merely because people chose to live inactive lifestyles.

Analyzed were individuals who had developed breast and colon cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. The weight of the cost of illness and disease linked to physical inactivity worked out at $53.8 billion per year!

Additionally, resultant deaths from sedentary people who developed diseases contributed to $13.7 billion in production losses. Businesses are losing money, people are losing income and others are needlessly dying.


Healthy, wealthy and wise

The wisdom science offers us that proves a healthy lifestyle is essential, could potentially make us all wealthier.

According to the World Health Organization, physically inactive people double their risk of contracting obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In fact, the knowledge that a healthy lifestyle will prolong your life and prevent disease is not new knowledge in any way.

However, the financial cost of leading an unhealthy lifestyle should be inspiration enough for people to become active. The suggestion of 30 minutes per day of exercise is also nothing new. What is most profound is that a simple walk for 30 minutes can put cash in your pocket.


The cost of a global epidemic

Additionally, companies should take heed of these findings. Employees who lead sedentary lives in the office, as well as sedentary lives at home, will cost business in the long run.

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