School Demands Dress Code For Prom Plus Provocative Picture Preview (Video)

School wardrobe wars doesn't deter kids from rejecting dress codes

School Demands Dress Code For Prom Plus Provocative Picture Preview
School Demands Dress Code For Prom Plus Provocative Picture Preview

Schools are implementing dress codes to avoid wardrobe wars


Pewaukee High School in Wisconsin is requiring students to submit pictures of the dresses they will be wearing to the dance. In an effort to avoid any discomfort among students who might come inappropriately dressed, the school is attempting to be proactive in its vigilance preventing body image issues or seductive dress. They don’t want to have to turn away students at the door. It could be embarrassing for everyone. The modesty requirements for the prom are angering parents and students.

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Some parents and students are insulted by the gesture. They feel it is discriminating and unfair. They are unnerved that the school could dictate a dress code.

Most people are used to required attire for all different kinds of events. Sometimes, at a cotillion ball, gloves are required. Occasionally a wedding invitation might say, black tie only. When attending a job interview, suits are essential. Everyone knows during school hours; students must wear school uniforms.


This isn’t a new idea, so from where does the surprise and insult come?

The over-sensitivity towards sexuality is hurting our society. So much so that dressing modestly insinuates inhibiting individuality. Wardrobe wars is a real issue concerning school districts all over the country. Some schools limit the rules to no bare shoulders, no revealing midriff, no skirts above the knees.

But if girls want to feel the discrimination, they should know, boys also have requirements. No pants hanging below the but or underwear showing, no ripped shirts or sleeveless tops.


No shirts, no shoes, no service

There used to be an unspoken rule that everyone understood. Certain types of dress are not acceptable in every situation, and everyone knows that. Some professionals insist kids need to express their individuality and they feel restricted with a dress code.

But we all know, high school is not a time to express your uniqueness. Most kids just want to fit in. Parents must provide education to their children; this includes more than history, numbers, and grammar. It includes socialization and accepting rules for their safety.

A suit and tie spells success

It includes dressing for success. Most importantly, high school is a time to focus on developing your strengths and discovering interests. Learning and playing are as essential during teen years as they were during toddler years.

Kids should feel encouraged to develop themselves academically and socially. They should feel free to pursue every interest without labeling. School dress codes and uniforms give kids the opportunity to focus on those important things, rather than wardrobe wars. Everyone is seen as equal if wearing the same thing or at least something similar.

Nevertheless, submitting a picture to the school administration crosses the line of modesty. A picture of the dress itself might be acceptable. Even more simple, give the rules of dress and if they don’t follow, then send them home. This is what the school wants to avoid. However, if the parents and kids don’t understand or respect school rules, they should be sent home, even from the dance.

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