OMG! Russian Beauty Bares Bum to Protest Upskirting

Russian Beauty Anna Dovgaluk protests upskirting perverts by revealing bum | Image credit: YOUTUBE (Канал Анны Довгалюк)

OMG! Russian Beauty Bares Bum to Protest Upskirting
OMG! Russian Beauty Bares Bum to Protest Upskirting

Russian beauty Anna Dovgaluk is no newcomer to baring her behind for her Instagram followers, but now she is revealing her sexy bum to Russian commuters to protest the deranged perverts who practice upskirting


Anna Dovgaluk is a Russian beauty who loves to show off her barely dressed body on Instagram to complete strangers, but now she is using her barely covered bum to protest the deviant practice of upskirting. Standing on numerous station platforms across Russia, Dovgaluk lifts her skirt for commuters revealing her nether regions that are clad in sexy black underwear.

Dovgaluk uploaded a video of herself exposing her underwear all over Russia to YouTube. She has called this footage her manifesto protesting the practice of upskirting. Upskirting is when voyeuristic people, generally men, take covert pictures up women’s skirts in public places. Upskirting is a problem worldwide, and many women are campaigning to see the practice criminalized.

YOUTUBE (Канал Анны Довгалюк):


However, is Dovgaluk truly understanding the nature of the voyeur?

Voyeurism is an age-old practice that has been both glamourized in art and demonized as a mental illness. Therefore, is this only a legal issue, or also a mental health issue? The MSD Manual deems voyeurism a type of paraphilic disorder.

Paraphilic disorders can enter gray areas in mental illness diagnosis. According to the MSD Manual, voyeurism, and other paraphilic desires become considered a disorder when the individual’s actions distress them or harm others.


“Paraphilias are frequent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies or behaviors that involve inanimate objects, children or nonconsenting adults, or suffering or humiliation of oneself or the partner. Paraphilic disorders are paraphilias that cause distress or cause problems functioning in the person with the paraphilia or that harm or may harm another person.” MSD Manual


Such individuals have abnormal brain wiring that leads them to believe it is okay to gain sexual pleasure without consent. Therefore, a woman standing in the train station lifting her skirt, telling them to stop looking up women’s skirts, will not repair their brain wiring.

Medical experts generally prescribe intense treatment for individuals who experience voyeuristic disorder. This usually involves administering SSRIs and undertaking rigorous cognitive behavior therapy. The individual must undertake thorough resocialization whereby they learn about consent and acceptable social interactions.


Some people have wondered whether or not Dovgaluk is just performing a publicity stunt to draw attention to herself.

Already she seeks for followers to look at her sexualized poses on Instagram. If she didn’t want strangers looking at her body, surely she would make her Instagram private, for only allow those she consents to see her near naked body?

All in all, her campaign appears to be extremely hypocritical. She is clearly an exhibitionist who frequently shows off her pert bum. Exhibitionists attract voyeurs. One wants to show themselves; the other wants to see that which is being shown.

In other words, her campaign could actually backfire and encourage the very behavior she seeks to prevent. How then can the law take her seriously when she asks voyeurs to stop covertly looking at women’s bodies? Especially considering she takes pleasure in exposing her own body to the public on Instagram.


Indeed, the law needs to be altered

Of course,  the law needs to be altered to protect innocent people from being preyed on. Preyed on by those with a voyeuristic disorder, who like to take upskirt photos.

Many women around the globe have felt horrified when they found that the police could not charge a voyeur who had covertly filmed or photographed under her skirt. In the state of New York, it is a felony to do so.

The underneath of a skirt deemed to be a private place. Around the world, in the UK, Australia and elsewhere, women are seeking to amend the law similarly. But despite New York protecting women, the nearby state of Georgia is yet to catch up.

According to a report on ABC news, authorities could not charge a man caught by CCTV in a supermarket filming upskirt footage under the state of Georgia’s laws. However, the incident led to the state immediately seeking to rectify those archaic laws. The problem had been that authorities could only charge a voyeur if they had trespassed on private property. The law considered the supermarket to be a public space.


In an ideal world, there would be no disturbed individuals so that no such person ever preys upon another.

However, the root problem is generations deep. Therefore, a pretty girl lifting her skirt for attention can not solve this problem. Society needs to gain a full understanding of the nature of the predatory behavior. Humankind, man, and woman equally, are the worst predators on earth. Industrial farming of animals, corporate, government and religious exploitation all see humans destroying the vulnerable and voiceless for their lust for power and pleasure.


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Image credit: YOUTUBE (Канал Анны Довгалюк)