Entrepreneur Ronald Bernard has a story to tell


He is not alone, and the evidence is plain to see everywhere. Hollywood pedophile circles preying on children, women exploited and blackmailed, and only the influential people decide everything.

Who will be cast in the next movie, and who will be the future music pop star, talk show host, anchor for broadcast news stations, banker, stockbroker, president, senator, etc. What will be the cost to get the jobs they desire? Hollywood is not singled out as the only place for the strategy of covert activism.



There is a state in the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Washington D.C and many other places where immunity from every law, regulation, ethical or moral decency is exempt. Might equal right in these situations and to the people who created it. Their goal is to keep society suppressed so that it won’t get too crowded at the top. Likewise, you won’t find their names on the internet or anywhere for several reasons.


They don’t use the internet

Internet and the hypnotic state social media puts you in, was created by them to control your mind. Additionally, each one of them does not go by their given names; instead, they adopted fake names much like many Hollywood stars.

Ronald Bernard is under a lifetime contract to never disclose the names of people, organizations, and companies that tried to train him to be a psychopath. The circles he moved among taught him to put his conscience on the deep freeze. However, Bernard’s conscience got the better of him, and he failed the training.




For many years working within the world of criminal finance, which is to say the world of banking and finance, Bernard pulled off deals in currency exchange, laundering money, managing assets, and tax evasion successfully. All the work fell under the umbrella of one specific network of people.

As Ronald’s success grew, his colleagues began to open their circle and knowledge about the network revealed. Ronald soon discovered the Church of Satan. At the satanic Holy Mass, naked women, drugs and alcohol and other perverted vices took place. At first, Bernard admits the events merely amused him. Nevertheless, that was before he understood the depths of its darkness.

Years after Ronald began with the partners; he again received an invitation to a party or holy mass. This one would change his life. Ronald was expected to sacrifice a child. This act would ensure his allegiance to them and put him in a position where blackmail would be straightforward. Suddenly Ronald’s conscience appeared and he could not go through with it. The horror on his face during an interview suggests, someone else may have finished the job for him.




His conscience began to thaw

Bernard began to unravel and could not continue to perform for the Luciferian organization anymore. At that point, instead of being a successful asset, he became a threat.
Ronald began to refuse assignments and backed off from the network

Bernard was then taken and tortured. Next thing he knew, he found himself in the ICU recovering from a near-death experience. His mind and body had crashed.

The torture, Bernard explains was a tactic to ensure secrecy. His lifetime commitment to never reveal the real names and identities of the Luciferian network.

Bernard did not believe in religion or spirituality until he saw the truth and reality of the Satanic cult. He does not follow it, nor does he ascribe to another. Nonetheless, he does say the world functions similarly to the tedious Protocols of Zion.

At the top of the pyramid of this evil circle are 8000-8500 people who run the world. They are the overseers of the world as a whole. They do this by controlling the money. Bernard has even said, if you want to know the truth about something, follow the money.


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