OMG! Robots will Steal your Jobs

Robots Will Steal Your Jobs
Robots Will Steal Your Jobs

By 2025, a quarter of all jobs will be taken over by robots, according to current estimates.

Jobs, ironically will become scarce, in the race to make life easier, and enable us to have more leisure time. We forget that we still need to find somehow a way to pay for that leisure time.


Robots will Steal your Jobs
Robots will Steal your Jobs


What if engineers create a robot that can do your job quicker and more accurately than you can? It doesn’t mean you get to go on vacation while it works on your behalf. In truth it means your boss can fire you, so he doesn’t have to pay you anymore. He will instead use a robot who won’t ask for vacation time.



Infographic: Autocomplete: Jobs Under Threat From Automation | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


Will you be at risk of being made redundant at work? We have listed some jobs that will be replaced by technology and robots in the near future. These jobs replaced by robots might make you nervous!



Robots will Steal your Jobs - Soldiers
Robots will Steal your Jobs – Soldiers

In the realm of robotics job opportunities, this may put you in two minds about the potential outcome. On the one hand, we have all seen one too many films about out of control war robots that try to take over the planet.

Hackers already wreak havoc around the world defying encryption and high-level security to access forbidden computer systems. If a corrupt government were to hack into your nation’s defense force servers, it is possible they could use your own robot army against you!

On the other hand, it could mean saving lives and preventing injuries in the many young people who put themselves on the line to defend your country. In the hands of a government that only has peaceful intentions, it could potentially be a better solution.



Robots will Steal your Jobs - Pharmacist
Robots will Steal your Jobs – Pharmacist

The future of visiting the pharmacy will one day be like visiting a vending machine inside your medical clinic. The robot will scan the prescription, fill a bottle with the required drug and dosage, pop on the lid, deliver it to a retrieval slot, where you will probably then enter your credit card details to pay.

Also on this hypothetical vending machine would be a touchscreen where you could ask questions or request suggestions. However, at this stage, it doesn’t appear that a pharmacist would lose all of their job description to a robot version of themselves. When it comes to researching new and improved medicines, we will always require a real human behind the scenes.



Robots will Steal your Jobs - Surgeon
Robots will Steal your Jobs – Surgeon

Human error is an unavoidable reality when people are involved in any task. So when it comes to life and death situations, it makes sense to develop a machine that is more accurate and efficient.

Robots never get tired. They could perform surgeries that are lengthy and involved without fatigue interrupting the critical concentration that human surgeon’s need to maintain.

With the ability to work on a more microscopic level, surgeries could also become simpler and less invasive. And as the technology for artificial intelligence improves rapidly, the robot’s ability for critical thinking and its knowledge database could surpass that of humans.



Robots will Steal your Jobs - Cashier
Robots will Steal your Jobs – Cashier

Many cashiers’ have already lost their jobs to robots, as self-serve check-outs appear in almost every supermarket these days.

Once upon a time queues would build as a shop manager would call over the intercom for another cashier to open up another check-out, and customers would grow impatient.

Now you can scan your items yourself, skim your credit card, and you are ready to go. Soon technology will even be available that enables you to walk into a store, take what you need, and walk out again. Your purchases being detected by a sensor on your phone or watch.


Taxi Driver

Robots will Steal your Jobs - Taxi Driver
Robots will Steal your Jobs – Taxi Driver

There is already a company called Uber that is rolling out driverless taxis in the US. With constantly evolving advancements in technology, a self-driving taxi will provide a secure experience that surpasses the one you would have with a human taxi driver.

Fatigue would never become a distraction; drunk driving would be non-existent. Robots don’t look at their smartphones when they should be looking at the road. With GPS and surgically precise sensors, a driverless taxi could get you to your destination faster, but more safely.



Robots will Steal your Jobs - Postman
Robots will Steal your Jobs – Postman

The technology utilized in driverless cars can now also bring you your deliveries. Drones will likely replace your friendly postman, shuttling packages and letters to your doorstep. Your letterbox would contain a GPS code that the drone would be programmed to deliver to.

It would input a security pin to unlock your theft and weather-proof box before making the deposit and re-securing it. Ultimately, this means no more waiting around all day for a delivery man who may or may not knock loud enough for you to hear!



Robots will Steal your Jobs - Journalist
Robots will Steal your Jobs – Journalist

Theoretically, this is a job that you would think would be impossible to lose to a robot. But technology is already advanced enough that many of the articles you read today are in fact being written by robots. These robots scan a stack of data and make it readable. Particularly, this is useful for reporting the facts and figures of finance and sporting results.

More and more of the news you read will appear in a generic way to get breaking updates out to the public more quickly and efficiently. Human journalists will have to evolve their roles by focusing on different styles of journalism that require human empathy, abstract critical questioning, and a need for thinking outside of the box.