Riotous Video for “OMG” single Released by Mensa (Video)


Grammy award nominated rapper Vic Mensa has just released a wild new video for his single OMG.


Teaming up with New York rapper Pusha T, talented and anarchic rapper Mensa has released a rampageous new video for new single OMG. The single comes from his latest four track EP Manuscript, which he describes as a journey for the listener.

OMG was produced by Pharrell, who Mensa cites as a massive influence on his career. Mensa explains how he related to Pharrell as a black skater kid, something he felt was unique to him till the famed Happy singer released N.E.R.D. 2000. The video for OMG triumphantly embodies this black skater culture.

The video opens with Ethan Cuthkosky lip-syncing to the song in character as the rebellious Carl Gallagher from the working class comedy Shameless. The US remake of the TV show Shameless is set in Chicago. Shameless mirrors the lifestyle and neighborhoods in which Mensa himself grew up.

Mensa then takes over rapping in archetypal Chicagoan locations such as Harold’s Chicken.  Harold’s Chicken is most famous for being where the Nightline interview with fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper took place. Sentiments of anarchy from lyrics such as “F*** the law” become portrayed in scenes in the video. Mensa and his crew throw the bird, vandalizing cars and property, mostly by smashing things with skateboards.

The video intersperses scenes of blinged up scantily clad women draped over luxury cars with footage of gun slinging, wads of cash and dope smoking. Rapper Push T appears in the last quarter of the video.  Initially, Mensa streamed the premiere of the video on Tidal. However official release will be this Friday the 14th July.


Indie roots, passion for Rap

The industry has always showered Mensa with accolades for his superb rap ability; however, his musical roots began within the indie genre with Chicago band Kids These Days. Additionally, Mensa performed live with English indie icon Damon Albarn, and his band Gorillaz. Indeed, Mensa has not ruled out a future collaboration with Albarn.

Nevertheless, Mensa always felt the pull towards the rap genre, and while at school he had developed a friendship and admiration for Chancellor Bennett, who would go on to become Chance the Rapper. Mensa departed from the indie genre with his solo mixtape entitled Innanetape in 2013. Following his success with this, artists J. Cole, Wale, and Danny Brown would invite him to join them on tour.

Ultimately it would be Kanye West who would elevate Mensa to mega stardom. West featured Mensa in the debut single Wolves from his 2015 album The Life of Pablo. West went on to invite Mensa to join him in further musical collaborations, giving Mensa international exposure that would set him flying into his current successful solo career.