Richard Gere Explains Hollywood’s Chinese Conspiracy

Richard Gere Explains Hollywood’s Chinese Conspiracy

Richard Gere Explains Hollywood's Chinese Conspiracy
Richard Gere Explains Hollywood's Chinese Conspiracy

Richard Gere has told of how his flailing career is due to the Chinese stronghold over the Hollywood film industry.


The star of Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman, Richard Gere, has explained how his dried up career is the result of the stronghold that the Chinese have over the Hollywood film industry. According to Gere, ever since China started investing in Hollywood productions, their anger at his support for Tibet is causing them to reject him for many roles.

From the 80s up until the new millennium, Gere was a darling of Hollywood. A hot and sought after star that would guarantee a substantial cash flow at the box office. However, unlike his contemporaries Bruce Willis, Jeff Goldblum and Pierce Brosnan, who all still grace the silver screen well into their 60s, Gere is rarely ever seen.


Tibetan Activism

Gere puts it down to his devotion to Tibetan Buddhism, and close friendship with the exiled Dalai Lama.  And to make matters more strained, he gave decided to take an Oscar presenting opportunity to use the podium to send a message to the Chinese leaders. He spent several minutes of screen time begging them to free the people of Tibet.

Furthermore, Gere explained that whenever producers present a film to Chinese financiers, the financiers specifically insist that Gere not is cast. However, are all of Gere’s fears merely a conspiracy theory? Is he just an old actor who is only failing to get work? To give Gere the benefit of the doubt, it does indeed appear that China is a major player in Hollywood film financing these days.

Ironically, many production companies are struggling even to receive the promised financing from many Chinese benefactors. Only as recently as this March, Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group was in line to take over Dick Clark Productions. Ultimately, the $1 billion deal collapsed, and they scrapped the plans. For a country that severely limits social media usage to its citizens, it is not hard to believe that they would silence a reactionary voice such as Gere’s.


Chinese directors under threat

In an added twist to this Chinese Hollywood film conspiracy, Gere described a suspicious incident with a Chinese director.

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