Collective consciousness causes shift in reality

All the recent scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs, changes in attitudes, an increase of hatred, distribution of wealth, the list goes on, equals the collective consciousness of every individual conscious mind on our planet. Yes, it’s a huge concept to understand, but it is well worth the effort. Not only is it worthwhile to save our planet from destruction, basic understanding of how we can shift control is essential.

Most people walk around in a sea of their own thoughts. At the moment, let’s not extend any judgment towards these thoughts.


Let this be an article of explanation through participation

Close your eyes and imagine your mind. Not the shape of the organ, the brain, rather the ability of all the neurons and connections creating a network. Now, imagine the network isn’t just in your mind only but connected to everything and everyone around you. Your consciousness is bigger than your brain and your entire body. It reaches out into the universe and touches everything just as everything touches it.


Revolutionary Consciousness Shift Controls The Law of Attraction
Revolutionary Consciousness Shift Controls The Law of Attraction


Now try to feel with your soul the connection you have thought about briefly. Realize your consciousness is you. Your body is limited and chained to the physical world and all its dictates and responsibilities; however, your conscious mind is limitless and can travel beyond anything you recognize as physical.

Is it possible for you to accept your soul is the essence of you not your body? That it has been sent into your body with a job to do. The job is called experience.


Here is how it works

Each one of us has a soul which is our greater consciousness. This consciousness is only a piece of a collective consciousness which is each one of us put together. In this way, we are all one. The original consciousness designed a world in which to experience itself. To do that, it had to fragment into all the smaller pieces of consciousness so it could participate with itself in this purpose of connection. Each one of us knows about this fragmentation and the purpose of the consciousness.

Before we are born, our souls make decisions about where, how, and when it will come into our physical reality. When a baby is born, its memory of this is wiped away. If it remained, the experiences it had in life wouldn’t be genuine. Nevertheless, the job of the soul is to remember itself and the decisions for taking part in the physical experiment of experiencing the soul’s reality.


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Most people live their lives in a state of unknowing or not remembering because it takes a great deal of self-actualization, self-awareness, and introspection to became able to remember what your soul decided before your arrived. These people rejoice in collecting and experiencing all the physical world has to offer.

Meanwhile, because this group is focused on the physical world and gaining more from it, the global consciousness creates a reality that will perpetuate the focus. That is why currently we live in a world where people care about money, power, a division of race, creed, distribution of wealth, competitive education and success, etc.


The collective consciousness has forgotten, the experience of everything physical is meant to give us a connection, not separation

For those who do search their souls for truth, look outside themselves for connection, value others for the sake of experience and cohesion, those people remember. Because of the awareness their souls reveal, they can raise their individual consciousness to a high frequency. When more people remember, a collective consciousness of this type influences the other global consciousness mentioned before.

That is when a shift of consciousness takes place. Only then can belief systems and perceived realities be broken down to physical or ego based awareness vs. soul awareness. The ego plays a huge part in this process of remembering and awareness. The ego is the voice of doubt, fear, self-centeredness, and self-consciousness.



Revolutionary Consciousness Shift Controls The Law of Attraction
Revolutionary Consciousness Shift Controls The Law of Attraction


It is a program that learns as your live

It evolves just as you do. The key is to know that your ego is not you. It is a programmed part of your personality with the job of causing you to balance choices in the physical reality in which you live.

Your soul’s job is simply to experience all it was meant for with tools, background, culture, gender, etc. as a template or basis of reference. Then from all this it gains understanding, strength, love, and association.

There are many studies about how plants communicate with each other, the animal and human world. All the studies show powerful energetic connection. Every time we destroy nature, animals and the world around us; we affect the frequency of our energies with these elements, as well as the elements themselves.

Trees communicate with each other through chemicals such as carbon and their roots systems, fungi, etc. The animals that survive around these trees are one with the ecosystem it inhabits. The same is true for us.

From these concepts, you can understand how we create our current realities with our thoughts and our actions. Every thing, person, animal, plant affects one to the other.



Thus it all begins with our thoughts

One botanist, Cleve Baxter ran some simple but effective experiments which he published in his book, Secret life of plants. He connected an electromagnetic monitor to a plant. One of the first experiments he did, was with live baby shrimp cells where he timed the shrimp for dumping into a vat of boiling water where they would immediately die.

A plant was hooked up to the shrimp container and the vat of water. As soon as the shrimp were poured into the boiling water, the plant reacted with recorded vibrations indicating agitation.

Next Baxter thought of another experiment where he would burn the plant to see how the electromagnetic gauge would record the energy. But he couldn’t find a match or lighter.

Baxter pictured in his mind lighting the plant on fire; however, he didn’t do it. He noticed at the exact time the thought came to him, and he could picture the scene, the plant began to respond. Electromagnetic waves were once again recorded, but this time it was only over a thought.


This clearly illustrates the power our minds have over our physical universe

There are so many more illustrations and indications that we create our realities and control the world with our thoughts. But with this power comes responsibility. It is our purpose to create loving, peaceful communication with the beauty this physical world has to offer.

Instead, we have become disconnected to ourselves and in response created a reality where we disassociate with our world and everything in it. We use our resources for the sake of ego, and maintaining our physical comfort. Everything we do revolves around this purpose.

It’s time to change this and cause the shift to continue towards a unified world where love, peace, and appreciation is our reality. No more slavery to the economy, religion, government, and other belief systems.


Wake up and remember who you truly are!

Recall your true purpose and utilize your individual strengths towards common awareness. Each of us has more power than we know. Every person can change the world for the better by changing himself and finding his true self. The truth is it’s not a self at all. Just one piece of a puzzle in which we all are pieces. Maybe just that will get you to begin understanding and remember who and what you truly are.

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