Top 6 Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries


What are the top 6 revolting jobs that will earn you a high salary?


Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries
Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries


Will people honestly do revolting jobs for money? If you need to raise a family in the current economic climate, then how could you argue with a salary that can help you do that, even if the job is totally gross. Below are some of the most revolting jobs you can make a career of, and earn top dollars from too.


1. Garbage Collector – up to US $60,000 per year

We all generate tons of trash, and someone obviously has to come and take it away, so our cities and towns don’t become unsightly. Someone has to deal with the rotting and stinking refuse that we throw to the curb.


Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries - Garbage Collector
Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries – Garbage Collector


Not only do they have to deal with all the vile things we throw away, but they also have to do this job rain, hail or shine. Imagine how vulgar the stench would become after sitting in the hot sun for a day? It could also be quite dangerous – they have to deal with frustrated drivers who are waiting for them to finish a pickup, or who might not see them and run them over.

Also, there is garbage that could potentially contain dangerous items like broken glass and human waste. Luckily garbage collectors are recompensed for this nasty work. Also, the average salary of a garbage collector can be up to $60,000 per year.


2. Portable Toilet Cleaner – up to US $60,000 per year

Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries - Portable Toilet Cleaner
Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries – Portable Toilet Cleaner


If you have ever been to an outdoor event like a music festival, you have likely used a portable toilet. Naturally, these are not attached to plumbing in the ground, so someone has to take on the job of removing all the waste once they become full, and the festival is over.

Considering these toilets are usually the most revolting toilets you will ever use, as at festivals they are patronized by drunk people who aren’t in complete control of their faculties, this has to be one of the most revolting jobs around. Portable toilet cleaners have to vacuum out all the waste, and then use a high-pressure hose to clean out the interiors.

To make the job worse, sometimes the toilets tip over spilling human excrement everywhere, requiring that they must be urgently cleaned up. One of these cleaners can clean up to 60 toilets per day – but luckily they are recompensed for this dirty work in the range of around $60,000 per year.




3. Sewer Inspector – up to US $60,000 per year

Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries - Sewer Inspector
Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries – Sewer Inspector

Honestly, this is one really disgusting job. You literally have to immerse yourself in human excrement as a career. Not only is this a revolting job – it can be incredibly dangerous work with exposure to dangerous bacteria and rodents – even the occasional dead body.

And because people will flush ridiculous things down their toilets, sewers can get clogged, and this is when these inspectors are called to examine these exact problems. There is also a branch of this type of work where you can become a sewage diver.

Sewage divers have to literally swim into, and under, rivers of sewage to remove clogs. But the recompense of getting this stink under your skin is thankfully quite a lot – a sewage inspector can earn up to $60,000 per year.


4. Embalmer – up to $62,000 per year

Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries - Embalmer
Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries – Embalmer

All cultures have their unique rituals of dealing with the dead. Those that work with the dead are doing an incredibly selfless job as they are caring for a person who can never repay them. They must show respect and care for an individual who is in the process of decomposing, their body producing foul smells and changing shape.

In the US, there is a tradition of embalming deceased loved ones, as family and friends like to view the body before burial, to pay their last respects. Inadvertently, this leaves Embalmers exposed to dangerous diseases that the person may have died from, and must use toxic chemicals in the cleaning up process. They have to wash the body and massage out stiffness before draining the gasses and blood in order to replace them with embalming fluid, that also acts as a disinfectant.

They have to cosmetically fix the body using special make up to bring color back to the faces and hands, and also sew or glue the eyes and mouth shut. The body then has to be dressed for viewing. On top of this, the embalmer must remain composed, and bring compassion to the family of the deceased. The average funeral embalmer salary can be up to $62,000 per year.



5. Crime Scene Cleaner – up to US $80,000

Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries - Crime Scene Cleaner
Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries – Crime Scene Cleaner

A sad fact widely known, is that crime is a regular and dark reality in all human societies – and since the dawn of time murders, suicides and other violent accidents that take people’s lives, are just a regular part of life on earth.

After the forensic team and the detectives have done their part, the crime scene cleaner arrives. Their job is to return the scene to looking like it did before the crime was committed. Dealing with bio-hazards means that they need to wear a Hazmat suit, respirators and chemical spill boots. There is a terrible risk of infection, but also hazardous chemicals are required to be used for the cleanup.





They need to bag up any human remains left by the coroner. Additionally, they mop up blood, and dispose of any furniture and carpets that are splattered with human waste. This truly ghastly work can also take a toll on the mental health of many crime scene cleaners. Understandably, therefore, it is important that the average crime scene cleaner salary is at a handsome amount. This gruesome job can earn you up to $80,000 per year for this very important job.


6. Gastroenterologist – up to US $750,000 per year

Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries - Gastroenterologist
Revolting Jobs With Top Salaries – Gastroenterologist

This job is a medically trained specialty. It involves diagnosing and treating diseases found in the digestive system. Essentially, these are the areas of the body that food travels through – from the esophagus and everything in between, all the way down to the colon.

They deal with the nastiest and smelliest conditions people can get. For example, irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis, colon cancer, colon polyps and peptic ulcers. The average earnings to recompense for this mucky work is around $342,000 per year. However, the salary of a gastroenterologist can be anywhere up to $750,000.

Not bad for investing around 10 years in medical school and choosing a specialty that deals with human waste!