German prostitution is legal

Prostitution is legal in Germany. Brothels constitute more than 14.5 billion euro of economic revenue in the largest market in the EU. Germany has even earned the name of “Europe’s biggest brothel.”

German security guards at refugee accommodation centers are poaching young refugees offering sex jobs. Many of the homeless children have no other way to earn money.



They admit to feeling ashamed but feel they have no other choice. The majority of prostitutes are male, and the youngest ones make more money than the older children.


Exploitation is the name of this game, and it is encouraged by the EU. Any forced labor or service, servitude, recruitment, or transfer of persons is considered human trafficking. The problem isn’t as simple as security guards offering opportunities to earn money to those in need. Abductions and deception are indicative of the abuse of power and position. The refugees are in a vulnerable position, and any approach from any person of higher authority is harassment and exploitive.



Human trafficking involves moving people across local or national borders for exploitation and abuse

The European Union is very aware of this sex traffic problem and has been for a long time. In fact, they are encouraging, funding and trolling for potential victims. There exists a long list of elite clients willing to buy sex and sex slaves. The preference of these individuals is young victims. The younger the better no matter the price is higher. Who knows if they necessarily have a preference for male victims over females?




What does this say about the European Union?

Just like in Hollywood, heads of nations, government and political figures of all nationalities participate in this elite business of sexual abuse and harassment. No one cares, reports or reveals the sinister criminal activity because everyone joins. No one wants to ruin to show for everyone else.

Meanwhile, as the trafficking continues, so does kidnapping. Stealing vulnerable young victims isn’t merely for sex abuse. Satanic rituals whereby children are sacrificed is another goal in trafficking.



Who will stop this powerful network

The European Union is like a club of countries that work together following their own rules and regulations. Countries are required to pay membership fees and cultivate business opportunities. Additionally, they aim to get rid of any control stopping free movement of people within EU countries. They back everything that aids member’s understanding of commonalities. Specifically, the EU club invests in buying, selling and making rules that control free trade. This trade includes human trading and human sex trafficking.



European Union banks launder money from businesses and utilize a portion of it for sex trafficking. This trend has been increasing. One way to divert attention from the evil multiplying virus is to emphasize feminism and women’s fight towards equality. Specific locations where abuse happens such as Nigeria is another distraction. Therefore, what is happening in Germany with refugees is only another media attempt to keep eyes on the victims instead of pursuing the perpetrators.


The real problem

The real problem in our society today is taking pleasure in feeling sorry for ourselves and other victims instead of taking responsibility for existing problems. It’s happening in Hollywood and now in Germany. Where else do you suppose cognitive dissonance is prevalent? Worldwide most definitely. Anyone who looks the other way and ignores criminals, has a responsibility in the crimes.

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