How To Receive Radical Basic Income Benefits

Valuable basic income benefits are turning poverty around

How To Receive Radical Basic Income Benefits
How To Receive Radical Basic Income Benefits

Basic income studies seem to be popping up all over the globe


Government leaders realize technological advancement is displacing jobs while simultaneously generating more income. This means more robots and fewer workers. More income from automation, more poverty for people. Technologically advanced smartphones and other mechanical devices eliminate job security.  Inevitably, resulting in the inability to survive on minimal or no earnings.

In an attempt to equalize the socioeconomic effects, governments have begun programs to evaluate the effectiveness of basic income benefits. Traditional welfare programs have their limitations. Most have caused many to feel that working will interfere with any compensation needed for basic survival, which they undeniably do.

Basic Income benefits are a way of communicating you have value just by being alive. Every person deserves the trust and dignity to provide basics for himself. Therefore, fostering a sense of confidence. Consequently, this translates to productivity and responsibility.


Most people want to live a life with purpose.

The basic income model could give freedom to pursue education. Also, training and plans for the future could create better jobs. Most of the studies underway currently work the essentially same.

  1. The study group is selected and observed over a period.
  2. Group is given a basic monthly wage to discriminate at their personal discretion.
  3. If employment is gained during the trial period, basic benefits will continue.

The assessment will compare the groups and attempt to understand the allocation and effects of the income on:

  1. Aspiration and life outlook
  2. Gender variations
  3. Use of time (work, education, leisure, volunteering)
  4. Risk taking (starting a new business)
  5. Economic status (standard of living, assets, income)


There are many locations currently studying the phenomena.

A Finland experiment began January 1, 2017. Finland social security known as Kela will study 2,000 candidates. Each person will earn $600 monthly over two years. Kela believes the wage system must be unconditional to test the experiment earnestly. All candidates chosen must have unemployment status. Kela insists they won’t reveal any formal findings until 2018 when the trial ends.

Additionally, a twelve-year experiment in Kenya continues. Their studies indicate when people receive cash, they will invest further in their income, security and psychological wellness. Ideally, basic survival benefits will instill trust.


Everyone is worthy of trust to enable their basic continuity.

Canada also recruited 4,000 people to study. Each person is given a minimum of $16,000 annually. Yet, if employment occurs, the benefit will continue, but the percentage will adjust. The Canadian government wants its citizens to know that the government is with you and supports you.

Likewise, California, France, and Switzerland are also participating and evaluating the impact of the basic income benefits programs. Specifically, Y Combinator wants to get in on the action. Silicon Valley’s prestigious investors want to know more about basic income benefits, and the effects the program will have on their exclusive tech market.

Of course, there are those who will use the program for good. That’s what all the good news is about. Moreover, there always exists a dark side. However, one has to wonder why Silicon Valley, the people who bring increasingly more high tech firms would take interest.

Furthermore, it’s always better to be optimistic and hopeful. This is true especially when it comes to social programs and benefits to communities. Let’s hope the wrongdoers don’t ruin it for those who can truly benefit.

Indeed, no one wants to live in poverty. Everyone deserves a better life. Every opportunity should be given over to that pursuit.