Reasons Why Men Cheat on Their Partners

Reasons Why Men Cheat on Their Partners?
Reasons Why Men Cheat on Their Partners?

Men cheat on their partners for many reasons


The nature of romantic commitment is complicated. Two people with different life experiences, interests, strengths, and weakness can make communication and often understanding difficult. Sometimes people will use any excuse to cheat simply to avoid honesty.

Sincere communication is key in every relationship, particularly regarding intimacy. All levels of articulation are of major importance.  Verbal, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and of course physical cues speak volumes. Introduce problems or mis-communications into the equation and both partners perceived wrong messages.


The basis for cheating results first in lack of understanding between a couple.

Second, comes the retreat and disengagement. Once this happens, loss of desire will lead to complete disinterest. Where do you go from disinterest? Both partners will inevitably look outside the boundary of their commitment to fulfill needs.

No question, life has it’s ups and downs and no one can predict what will happen in five minutes, let alone a lifetime. Sometimes illnesses befall us. Occasionally accidents happen from which recovery is an uphill battle. Periodically you just drift apart. Committed relationships take a great deal of work, dedication and responsibility.

Men often cheat for similar reasons to women. Even though our hormones are incomparable, that doesn’t mean our psychology is not similar. A human being is still and human being with the same drives and thrives.



A closer look at why cheating is attractive

When a relationship does take a wrong turn, resentment is often a result. It could go sour for many reasons. Here is a look at a few reasons why cheating occurs.


Childhood patterns of insecurity and abuse

It is common knowledge that everyone has baggage and carries the scars from childhood wounds. This is especially true in relation to the way we relate to people closest to us. It really doesn’t matter what the circumstances of your childhood were, the pattern is always repeated.

For example, if your mother abandoned you or you felt alone, you will create a relationship where your partner will elicit the exact same feeling from you. Inevitably you will repeat this pattern over and over again.

However you coped in childhood will become your coping mechanism as an adult. But at some point, you have to realize, what served you as a child, doesn’t benefit you anymore.

Revenge on your partner

Revenge is an act of aggression. It also stems from a place of hurt and pain.


Addictions and compulsions

Usually people with any kind of serious harmful addictions use them as coping mechanisms for a much larger problem.



Everyone wants to feel the vitality of life. Daily routine without breaks or times to recharge your batteries can often lead to boredom. Just remember, boredom is also an internal problem.

Ask yourself why you are bored. Most often is not because of another person, rather it is a lost sense of direction.


Sabotaging the relationship

This is probably the most likely reason people cheat. Deep down inside for whatever reason or compulsion, you might want to break off the relationship. However, you most probably are too afraid to face the other person directly or you just don’t know how. Cheating will deliver the message loud and clear.

People who do this are relieved when it’s over. Everything is out in the open and they are free to move forward in whichever direction they like. Nevertheless, this is the most disrespectful and deceptive way to communicate with your partner.

It goes without saying that everyone deserves love and happiness in their lives. Shouldn’t we try to give it to each other instead of disrespect?