The Reason You Are Still Single According to the Zodiac

The Reason You Are Still Single According to the Zodiac
The Reason You Are Still Single According to the Zodiac

Why are you still single? Your zodiac sign can provide you with the clues!


What exactly can your zodiac sign tell you about why you are still single? To begin with, it can give you the subtle hints that your friends are probably too afraid to admit to you.

Your zodiac sign will reveal the quirks and foibles of your personality that might be putting up a barrier between you and that special someone.


The Reason You Are Still Single According to the Zodiac
The Reason You Are Still Single According to the Zodiac


The good news is, is that all of these personality traits can be controlled and altered. Your zodiac sign represents the challenges in life you need to overcome, and by fixing these, you will open doors to endless opportunities. You could also open the door to let your soul mate in.

So, you are not doomed! But nothing in life comes for free. So let’s look at the personality traits that are holding you back from love, so you can work on leaving the single life behind!



born March 21 – April 19

An Aries wondering why they are still single likely first asks this question the morning after a break-up. This leads us to the primary reason why an Aries may find themselves single: Impatience.

Aries impatience can make others nervous or frustrated, and even out of control. Aries instinctively wants to achieve all of their goals yesterday, and obstacles are their biggest annoyance. Sometimes a potential lover can be left feeling like they are an obstacle. Developing patience could unlock the door for your soul-mate to enter.



born April 20 – May 20

The reason you are single is that you are so very very picky! You have very high standards and likely a long list of requirements of who and what you are looking for. Are you wondering why this magical unicorn person has not yet arrived?Just so you should know, magical unicorn people don’t actually exist. This leads us to the main reason why a Taurus is still single: Stubbornness.

Taurus people also don’t like much change, so potential partners can feel “wrong” because it means changing your life to accommodate them. The secret to overcoming this barrier to love is to be more realistic about your standards. Some standards are necessary. But many of the standards set by a Taurus can border on ridiculous. Developing flexibility could unlock the door for your soul-mate to enter.



born May 21 – June 20

The reason you are single is that you keep changing your mind! You also enjoy all the magical mind games that take place when you are at the stage of wondering “do they or don’t they?” Which means, that once you get your answer, you grow bored because the mental stimulation appears to cease.

Gemini is the kaleidoscopic communicator of the zodiac, and you love to receive kaleidoscopic communication from others too. Mental stimulation is an aphrodisiac to you. You are possibly still single because you are too busy floating about in the mental realm, and having a relationship means drifting back down to earth. Developing decisiveness could unlock the door for your soul-mate to enter.



born June 21 – July 22

The reason you are single is that you are a reject-o-phobe! You are so busy fearing that someone will hurt you that you don’t ever put yourself in a place where someone could hurt you, in the first place. Additionally, there is likely to be lots of yearning occurring for an ex-lover going on in your heart.

Cancer builds up tall walls and can isolate themselves in a tower like Rapunzel. However, ironically, the evil witch keeping you imprisoned there is yourself! And likewise, the remedy is to let down your hair. Better still, maybe turn your tower into a ground floor cottage, light a fire in the hearth, and let in that soul-mate that can enjoy being warmed and nurtured, which is what you do best.



born July 23 – August 22

Leo loves the spotlight and to feel worshiped. When they seek love, they desire someone who will treat them like their pet cat. This is precisely what can keep a Leo single. Even though you are gorgeous, hot, and sexy, these things are just not enough to glue a relationship together.

Potential partners can feel eclipsed by your light. They feel invisible because they believe you are only enjoying the light of yourself reflecting from the surface of their skin, and that you don’t ever see who they truly are. Take time to turn the tables on the worshiping. Develop some humility and become an audience for a change. This could open the door for a beautiful soul-mate that will complement your every desire.



born August 23 – September 22

Virgo is notoriously hyper-critical not only towards everyone they meet but also to themselves. Immediately the reason you are single can be revealed as your double-edged sword that his holding you back. You are too picky and need perfection, and on top of that, you feel you aren’t perfect enough.

If you are going to break through these ice walls you have constructed, you will need to let go of the little imperfections that niggle you. I am sure that logically you are completely aware that perfection is an impossible standard. So really try to make this a belief that becomes part of your consciousness, and you could find the door opening for your soul-mate, and they will enter before you know it.



born September 23 – October 22

Libra probably struggles the most out of all the zodiac signs with feeling incomplete and imbalanced when single. Libra obsesses over filling the empty gap they believe is tipping the scales into disharmony in their heart. However, those scales never seem to be quite steady enough, no matter who you imagine putting on the other side of them.

Additionally, Libra emits Venusian love to everyone they meet. This can leave potential lovers confused. And because you like to weigh up your options, you can forget that you weigh up real live hearts and souls that you could break when you come to your final decision. Develop your internal harmony, healing that feeling of something being missing. When you feel complete, the one who complements you will come along instead.



born October 23 – November 21

Scorpio fiercely guards their privacy which can make many people feel as though they are unreachable and cold. But in reality, you are shielding such deep feelings and emotions that you fear will drown you in the depths of their ocean. This can lead to a pessimism that gives the impression you are detached and disinterested, even if you are feeling barely controllable obsession over someone.

To cut a long story short, you appear intimidating to potential lovers. They think they are out of your league because let’s be honest, you are the sexiest and most alluring sign of the zodiac. Trust in your magnetism. Risk a little crack of warmth and emotion, and in no time, your soul-mate will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame.



born November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is most likely not to question why they are single. But at the end of the day, they are human and long for companionship. Your zodiac sign loves the thrill of the chase, and sadly this can leave a trail of broken hearts all over the countryside. In turn, this could gain you the reputation of being a player.

The secret to Sagittarius overcoming perpetual singledom is to confine your adventures to things and places, rather than people. Most likely, when you are one of these marvelous adventures, you will meet a fellow adventurer who could become your life’s travel companion and soul-mate.



born December 22 – January 19

Capricorn works incredibly hard, as success is their core focus in life. One day you will look up and realize that everyone else has left the office for the day, and you are there all alone. Capricorn may then draw up a business plan for their perfect life companion, and set about employing the perfect mate.

But this can come across as cold and calculated to that special someone who wants to connect with your heart and soul. Capricorn has to learn to take off the business coat and become the playful and witty person that they truly are. Trust that letting your hair down will not impede your success. You will likely find it enhances it so much that your soul-mate will join you in no time.



born January 20 – February 18

Most people believe they are totally out of an Aquarius’s league. You don’t even realize you are a trendsetter as you bound ahead with your wacky ideas and infectious personality. People may think you are too busy. Also, you very rarely fall in love. This could mean that you rarely even question why you are single.

However if and when the magical moment happens, and someone makes your heart beat faster, let them know. I know it is easier to be a friend, but never taking it to the next level could mean that you give them the wrong message that you are not interested. You need to be precise and literal with the object of your affections. You may find that making a little effort to ask them to stay, will mean they will reveal themselves as the soul-mate that will go on life’s adventures with you forever.



February 19 – March 20

Pisces tends to end up broken-hearted very quickly. Dreamy-eyed and a hopeless romantic. Sadly this can lay you open to predators who will use you for your affection and love, without offering anything in return.  You also tend not to set any standards, and instead wait for a dream to materialize.

Sadly, this is planet earth and dreams only come true through planning and hard work. You need to take yourself by the shoulders and look in your eyes and care about what you need and want. You have to force yourself out of dreamland and to be constructive. List your ideal qualities in a partner. And most importantly, list those qualities you wish to avoid. When you have a clearer idea of who your soul-mate should be, they will likely materialize before your very eyes in no time.