Elon Musk believes starting a colony on Mars is the next step in our progress

Elon Musk has a desire to die on Mars. He also believes if the human race will survive, colonizing of the planets is essential. Musk has an itinerary for an Interplanetary Transport System (ITS). The system will rely on a rocket for travel on earth and in the universe. BFR is a 420 engine rocket standing 400 feet tall. SpaceX has developed the travel missile and would like to commercialize it. But is that the real reason for the rush to get to Mars?



SpaceX is a company created by Elon Musk, which serves to manufacture and launch rockets and spacecraft for air travel, reaching and living on other planets such as Mars. The multi-planetary living is essential for human survival insists Musk. SpaceX’s goal for the near future lies with the Falcon 9 rockets.

The company intends on being the first to launch recycled rockets at a reduced cost for space travel. They want to be on the fast track for colonies to be a reality beyond the earth. The ITS system intends to build up a supply line serviceable between planets.

The private non-governmentally funded company desires to reach the highest degree of cooperation between countries and planets. Colonization is a part of the plan, but cheaper flights are included too.


However, news from NASA might indicate another reason for the rush to get to Mars

In 2004 NASA discovered from a space probe, the astounding find of oil on the moon. The ramifications of how this could affect the earth, war on terror, OPEC, gas prices, prosperity for countries besides those who control OPEC and oil monopolies. Gas prices would fall significantly if this is true.



An unmanned Lunar Prospector reveals at least 270 billion barrels worth of crude oil in the southernmost pole of the moons axis.

Scientists insist if this is true, there must have been life forms on the planet Mars otherwise there would be no way petroleum could form. Dinosaurs and organisms like plankton and marine algae are the only sources of the commodity on earth. If petroleum does exist on the moon, similar life forms must have also lived.


Mars isn’t the only planet rich with resources

Mars is not the only planet with resources. Saturn’s moon, Titan is full of organic methane and a wealth of natural gas reserves. The question is if humans take these resources what will happen to the planets. Natural gas and methane protect Titan. Without it, the temperature would drop dramatically.



Do you think it is arrogant for the human species to claim ownership of resources from other planets? Is it right for one government or business to access and monopolize the world this way? At what juncture does destruction of our society stop benefiting the money hungry? Do we have an obligation to nurture nature? If so, will mining for oil on the moon or Mars help us or hurt us?

Within the human pursuit to divide and conquer, there must be room for every individual besides those who have the financial power to have rights and a voice in the goings on over these types of issues.

Despite all the projections, accurate knowledge about the planets, their cores and surfaces remain speculation essentially.

Elon Musk has plans to make these trips a reality. His intentions are in motion, and the launching is set. However, his success remains an unknown.

The race to be the richest and most well know on. Musk is one of many in the race. Who will win and at what cost?

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