They say that if you want to hide the truth, display it in plain sight in the open, which is how billionaire corporations get away with perpetuating ISIS and other Middle Eastern wars


When it comes to finding the real reason behind ISIS, you don’t have to look further than any stock exchange or the sounds of corporate bragging about how war is such a lucrative cash cow. Recently, audio was released from arms manufacturers Lockheed Martin’s 3rd Annual Industrial Conference. This audio recording revealed the true perpetuator of ISIS and all of the wars around the world.



During budget discussions, Executive Vice President Bruce Tanner described how the company is profiting from the escalation of war. He states “increase in activity in the global war against terrorism and how that might leverage Lockheed’s portfolio.”  In other words, Tanner is trying to get stockholders excited about the blood and carnage of war because it will line their pockets with more money.


Tools of war as commodities for profit

Callously, throughout the recording, Tanner refers to the tools of war as products.   Indeed, war is a cash cow for these private arms manufacturers. Consequently, the perpetuation of bloody conflict is their focus. Afterall, is world peace lucrative to an arms manufacturer? What sort of psychopaths seek to profiteer from war?

Lockheed Martin’s stocks increased 17% from 2015, last year earning the corporate warmongers over $47.2 billion. And they only appear to be excited that this revenue will grow. The continuing tragedies unfolding around the world are in their interest, and in the interest of their equally evil stockholders. But Lockheed Martin is not the only arms manufacturers getting excited about global bloodshed and terror.



Corporate war mongers optimistic about the perpetuation of world conflicts

Numerous other companies also are set to profit from the perpetuation of ISIS and other wars. Contractors Raytheon also attended the same industrial conference, and also expressed their optimism that profits from war will increase. Raytheon’s growth increased by 3.5 percent from last year giving them net sales of $24.1 billion.

The company’s CEO, Tom Kennedy reported “a significant uptick for defense solutions across the board in multiple countries in the Middle East.  It’s all the turmoil they have going on, whether the turmoil’s occurring in Yemen, whether it’s with the Houthis, whether it’s occurring in Syria or Iraq, with ISIS.”


People dream up all sorts of “reasons” for why war is perpetuated around the world

Some would have you think it is some kind of patriarchy that starts all wars. Others would have you think it is the Jews, lizard people or even aliens. In fact, when you get down to tin tacks, you realize that it is not even religions at the root of much of these conflicts. Money. It is money that is at the heart of all the Middle Eastern wars, ISIS, and the western stirring of the hornet’s nest that is North Korea.

Stockholders are in the game to profiteer. The marriage between stockholders and corporations is a selfish and heartless one. The desire to hoard wealth between a few is the core motivation to use war as a cash cow. When you are only looking out for the few members at the exclusive top, why should you care about those at the bottom?



Of course, Marxism never solved this conundrum that has existed since time immemorial. The human condition is such that it falls victim to the regime that is the ego. A regime that sprouts into real-world dictatorships and totalitarian regimes on both the left and right spectrums. It appears that the only thing that can reverse this horrid state of world affairs is the hardest thing of all to do.


Turning inward and working on ourselves, and analyzing how we might be acting as predators and exploiters of the vulnerable for our own personal gain.

But of course, people don’t want to do that. Being personally accountable is a painful process. It is easier to point the finger and blame something external. However, our world desparately wants us to fix it. It is up to you the individual to decide that peace on earth begins only from within.


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