Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?

  • What Does a Male Orgasm Feel Like?
  • How to Have a Great Orgasm?
  • You Can Be Orgasma Master
  • How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?
Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?

We’ve all heard about the G-spot right?

Both men and women have one. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Sex is meant to be pleasurable, with the goal of reaching orgasm. Our nerve endings extend and become very sensitive in specific locations.

Achieving orgasm promotes overall health and a sense of well-being.  Sex is the most extraordinary, fun, exciting, riveting activity of all time. Who doesn’t want to have fun? Who doesn’t want pleasure?


Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?
Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?


But first things first

Get to know your partner out of the bedroom. The first step towards intimacy is talking.

Once you feel comfortable and ready, exploration of human anatomy is as wonderful an experience as the exploration of the human soul. Don’t forget, the human connection is a blending of energies and can be as intense as you would like it to be. Mutual attraction should include mental, intellectual, spiritual and sexual elements.

So, start your engines and let’s heat up your love life with the kind of sex you’ve never experienced before, but take ire easy to avoid premature ejaculation.

The first thing you need to know is, what turns on your partner. Get specific. Don’t be afraid to ask or to answer. Intimacy will grow out of communication both verbal and nonverbal.

Always be respectful and clean. Hygiene goes a long way in attraction, maintenance, and sustained intimacy.

Everyone either knows or can guess the logistics and mechanics of sex. It’s not something so complicated we can’t figure it out on our own. However, do you want to play it safe and stick to what you know? Wouldn’t you rather get the best mileage out of your car and use it to it’s ultimate capacity? If yes is the answer, it’s time to learn about the G-spot.

We’ve already talked about the female G-spot, so let’s dive into the male G-spot.


Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?
Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?

It might make some of you uncomfortable, but this is the difference between just ok sex and mind blowing awesome best sex of your life. Which would you rather have? I know how I would answer.


Difference between male and female anatomy

Male anatomy is more simple than female anatomy. Men use their penises to urinate as well as for sexual pleasure. The controlling force behind these two urges is the prostrate gland. It is a small gland located below a man’s bladder, reachable both from outside and inside his body.

This gland, when touched outside his body, will stimulate the gland, increase blood flow and semen production. When stimulated from inside his body through his anus, can go so far as to cause a spontaneous orgasm (ejaculation), with the right amount of pressure of course.

Let’s explore this activity a little bit more. I will do it with words and instructions, but you have to be the one to explore and experiment with your partner.

The space located between the scrotum and the anus is called the perineum. Within this space holds a bucket of nerve endings that will stimulate your man immensely.

Try massaging the area with your fingers, with your tongue, with your panties or any other material he might find luxurious to his sensibilities.

Let him experience different sensations and figure out which is the most pleasurable. Be creative and try multi-tasking by using both your hands and your mouth.

The simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and his male anatomy will drive him insane. Again, I encourage you to explore each other and give pleasure in every way you possibly can. Giving is receiving after all.



Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?
Are You Ready For the Best Male Orgasm?


Enjoy the adventure

For the more advanced or adventurous souls looking for more powerful orgasm or even multiple orgasm, I urge you to enter the anus and massage from the inside, that walnut sized gland.

Apply varying degrees of pressure and motion to stimulate him. Once you have found the interior spot, go ahead and try that multi-tasking again. I guarantee you will drive him wild with pleasure.

The intensity of sexual excitement builds and builds until the release of an extremely intense orgasm will have him shuddering for possibly more than a minute. He will not forget the sexual indulgence or contentment you provided.

Feel free to utilize lube when needed. When entering the anus area, you will need lots of lube. If freakishly uncomfortable, you can also use latex gloves or a condom, as long as your partner is ok with it.



There are several sex toys on the market with varying thickness and length. Some are curved at just the right angle. These are definite options for reaching your man’s G spot on the inside. It doesn’t hurt to warm up your toys before inserting them.

Heat adds to the pleasure especially considering our internal temperature is usually somewhere around 98 degrees fareinheight. Nevertheless, you should never forget about hygiene. Keeping your toys clean and sanitary is absolutely crucial. E Coli is a risk to be avoided.


Explore, explore, explore!

Although there are many articles and information about the male G-spot, I would like you to take from this one the point of sexual exploration. Obviously, both people participating have to be mutually agreeable and consensual.

I hope that goes without saying. But after all is said and done, just as communication is key to any relationship, sexual communication is fundamental. Without it, the glue that binds two people together will dry up and fall away.

Everyone wants love, so enjoy it. Make it special and make it fun. Excitement, satisfaction, and learning to know someone is very meaningful and can bring you to heights of pleasure and passion you never imagined possible.