Oxxxymiron comes to do rap battle in America

On the stage of battle rap, Oxxxymiron vs. Dizaster is quickly spiking in popularity. This recent battle has been long in the making. Dizaster invited the Russian rapper to come for battle almost two years ago. After gaining popularity and a huge following in Russia, Oxxxymiron finally has accepted the invitation.

Oxxxymiron, Andrei Donykov grew up in Germany, moved to England where he attended Oxford and then returned to his homeland. His determination to battle in a language that is not his mother tongue is a challenge. However, he is up to it.

Dizaster,  Bachir Manfred Yagami is from Los Angeles, and he has battled many. Although, his style and lyrics exhibit the Arab background from which he came.


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Big money in rap battles

Apparently, rap battles are very financially profitable, and engagement is clearly to express anger, jealousy and encourage greed.

Nevertheless, Oxxxymiron has approached this event with positivity. He is having a good experience visiting California and learning the United States, and Americans are not what his country makes out.


Battle with lyrics

The lyrics they write do rhyme (mostly), but you can see where one is educated and one is less. The use of cuss words seems to carry a tally along with battle. Additionally, insults seem to permeate the words and atmosphere within the structure of rap battle culture. Sometimes eye contact is avoided between the two rapping and other times it is “in your face” as most of the words are meant to be.

Videos of Oxxxymiron in Russian follow him as he’s rapping and telling his story. There is music in the background adding groove and rhythm. Meanwhile, the battles remain nothing more than words thrown one at the other. It would be nice to see wars won with words the way the rap battles take place.



While Oxxxymiron has worldwide followers who watch his videos and enjoy his rapping, he doesn’t narrow himself with battling. Dizaster seems to stay in his element of battle. It highlights his identity and accumulates income and pride.

Battle rap utilizes bragging and insults in its content. They take place for impression people. Notably, most of the people who attend a battle are men and boys from the ghettos. Response to the battle will indicate the winner.


There are a few types of rap battle

Freestyle battle is supposed to use improvised lyrics, and the goal is to piss off your opponent with words. Cypher is a gathering of rappers and breakers who form a circle to perform together while spectators encourage competition and presentation.

Rap battles can be compared to political debates. Sometimes the debate will use a written speech that must be flexible enough to respond intuitively to attack. Other times, a debate takes place without the participant’s knowledge of questions asked. Once again, improvisation is necessary to the response.

The battle between the Russian rapper Oxxxymiron and the Los Angeles Arab rapper Dizaster has gained a lot of attention. Trying to bridge a gap between Russia and the United States is one of the goals entertained by these two battlers. Mentioned in the lyrics and during an interview, references to the misunderstandings between the two countries are on everyone’s minds.

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mage credit: Of The Dot Entertainment