Randy Al Pacino Gets a Birthday Handful from Girlfriend

Randy Al Pacino Gets a Birthday Handful from Girlfriend
Randy Al Pacino Gets a Birthday Handful from Girlfriend

Al Pacino celebrated his 77th birthday on a Mexican beach with his young bit of totty Lucila Sola, 38.

Godfather star Al Pacino copped a handful of his tremendously younger girlfriend’s boob on his birthday on a beach in Mexico last week. Despite a brief split in 2015, the couple has been together seven years.

The sexy young Argentinian wore a sheer lacy cover-up over her stringy white bikini as they wandered up and down the shore. Randy old Al can clearly appear to feel as though he has won the jackpot of super hot birds.

The loved-up pair took themselves into the gently lapping waves; Sola now stripped down to her bikini. Her thong was drawn up into her taut backside. Pacino, however, preferred to remain covered up in khaki shorts and a black t-shirt.



Sugar Daddy Pacino

Despite being incredibly shorter than his model girlfriend, he dotes on her like the sugar daddy she clearly sees him as. It appears to be a match made in celeb heaven.

The pair shared some sultry kisses as they clung to one another in the water, things heating up between them intensely. It was a happy birthday indeed for the Hollywood legend.

Pacino has never married any of the women in his life. However, he was quoted saying he would consider it with Sola. He has three children with two other women.

Amazingly, Sola has kept her hot and sexy body at 38. Pacino really appears to be enjoying his twilight years with the perfect piece of fluff.

Pacino loves being seen out at about at premieres and restaurants with this delicious brunette. We are confident that he loves devouring her deliciousness as the desert.


Randy Al Pacino Gets a Birthday Handful from Girlfriend
Randy Al Pacino Gets a Birthday Handful from Girlfriend


Hollywood Legend Pacino

The Hollywood great is a renowned for his extensive film work. His talent specifically shined during the 70s and 80s. Starring in cult classics such as The Godfather franchise, Scarface, and Scent of a Woman.

He has accumulated countless nominations and awards for the Oscars, Golden Globes, Baftas and Tony Awards.

Sola, on the other hand, has had minor roles in Kirstie Alley’s sit-com “Kirstie” and also the film “Pride & Prejudice a Latter Day Comedy.”

Previously Sola was married to actor Maximo Morrone. She had two children with him called Maximo Jr. and Camilla.

Sola was asked about the secret of her relationship with Pacino. She stated that indeed, they spend a lot of time together. However, they live in separate homes, albeit five mins distance from one another.


Freedom in Relationship

She states:

“We are a couple that prioritizes freedom, admiration, communication, respect, and fellowship. And I really believe that the secret of getting along so well after many years is that we each have our own separate house: we only live together sometimes in his residence, or in mine, or in hotels when we travel. It is essential that we each have our own space and independence to carry out our own activities.”

The pair met at a mutual friend’s dinner party in 2005, where at first they became close friends. After two years the relationship deepened and they began a relationship. When asked about the age difference she claims it makes no difference.

Sola claims:

“The age difference was never a matter of concern to either of us. When you meet a person and fall in love, you fall for his essence, not his birthday date. With Al, we have many things in common, and that is the important thing. I know it’s hard to believe unless something like this happens to you.”