Quantum Entanglement Proves Higher Consciousness Not Holographic Universe Principle

Holographic Universe Principle Is A Desperate Scientific Theory

Quantum Entanglement Proves Higher Consciousness Not Holographic Universe Principle
Quantum Entanglement Proves Higher Consciousness Not Holographic Universe Principle

The holographic principle is not a reasonable theory to explain quantum entanglement

The Holographic Universe Principle suggests we are living in a simulated reality. The principle claims the physical world is simply an illusion projected by our minds. Mathematically, this reality is a frequency from another dimension beyond space and time.

David Bohm, the voice behind this principle and author of The Elegant Universe, cannot explain the phenomena quantum mechanics predicts. He is also interested in understanding how it relates to the neuropathology of the brain.

Based on an experiment led by physicist, Alain Aspect at the Institute of Theoretical, and Applied Optics in Paris, Aspect, and Bohm conclude under certain conditions subatomic particles instantaneously communicate with each other. It doesn’t matter how far apart the particles are. Each knows what the other is doing and does the opposite. This theory is labeled quantum entanglement

The reason quantum entanglement is such a mystery is that it appears to contradict Einstein’s theory of relativity and the idea that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light including information.


Based on this research scientists are convinced a holographic reality exists

That would make a nice explanation to the dilemma of why two particles in completely different locations would imitate each other however exactly to their opposite.


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Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is 100% correct

Einstein’s theory was not only correct, contained within it is the explanation of quantum entanglement. Yes, it’s true that nothing is faster than the speed of light. Therefore, the particles are not sending signals of any kind.

When you understand the concept of the observer in quantum mechanics, it makes it easy to conceive there is a consciousness that is undefinable. It is not physical and not able to be seen, traced, or measured in any way. This consciousness is the factor relating the change in orientation and axis between the two particles we studied in quantum entanglement. It is also the factor affecting neuropathology of the brain.

The brain functions based on nervous impulses, chemical trails within the brain and other hormones and measurable physical characteristics. What is not measurable is the consciousness that controls all these functions and thoughts that are also not quantifiable.




The world we live in is paradoxical

We must have up to define down. There must be right to understand left. Good defines bad and bad defines good. This is also true within quantum entanglement.

There is no holographic image. The particles know one another, and they maintain each’s opposite in order to define one another. It is a conscious connection between the two that communicates any turning of axis, rotation or orientation. The communication does not travel like light or sound. Communication is instantaneous because one particle knows that other particle.

The holograph theory tries to use a black hole as an example to prove itself. The black hole paradox essentially explains, when something goes into the hole, its encoded event passing the horizon will reveal information about the particle that disappeared into the black hole. Thus, the information is not completely lost or destroyed.

Anything that gets sucked into a black hole will never be seen or heard from again. However, in this situation, the partner particle that did not enter the hole will still display the opposite behavior. This is how to predict the behavior of the lost particle.

If an actual hologram existed, the black hole would wipe it out completely. Thus the theory of a holographic universe is severely incorrect.

Obviously, scientists don’t want to rely on unproven theories. However, in this case, a consciousness between the two particles is indisputable.

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