Princess Diana’s Heartwarming 20th Anniversary of Her Death (Video)

Always beloved people’s princess still lives in the hearts of men

Princess Diana’s Heartwarming 20th Anniversary of Her Death
Princess Diana’s Heartwarming 20th Anniversary of Her Death

Tribute to Princess Diana’s life continues

All of Britain continues to mourn the loss of the people’s princess, Diana. She was beloved in her life for being a doting mother of two. Diana also touched many souls in her travels. Philanthropic projects took her to many countries. With each person she met, Diana projected how touched and moved she was by their plight and their person. In response, those she met felt they had seen an angel.


The princess died on August 31, 1997

She was only 36 years old. Twenty years ago Diana left behind her two sons who are to this day a very important part of the royal court. Prince William and Prince Harry continue to display the grace and dignity their mother bestowed upon them.

Despite public recognition of the anniversary of Diana’s death, many celebrities pay homage to her memory as well.

Elton John posted a picture on Instagram of himself with the princess twenty years ago before her death. He commented the world lost an angel on that day.

Jamie Lee Curtis recalls her visit to England for the filming of A fish called Wanda. The film crew and cast had been informed the princess would visit them on the movie set one day. Curtis remembers they had waited all morning for the royals to arrive. At break time, Curtis drove a golf cart to her quarters for a well-earned break.

During her necessary nature call, someone knocked on the door to inform Curtis of Diana’s arrival. However, when she returned to the set, Curtis only caught a glimpse of the princess with her children walking away. Curtis felt disappointed.




She greatly admired Diana and wanted to tell her in person

Still wanting to connect, Curtis sent a message to Buckingham Palace telling the princess she was so sorry they didn’t get meet in person. Diana’s written response, although brief arrived by currier from the palace. Diana also expressed her hope they could meet. Curtis too had been touched by the angel.

After the news of her death had reached Curtis, she gave thought to Diana, her life and what she had accomplished. Curtis recalls picking up a book from her bedside table written by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfeld.


The book about meditation said “at the time of death, people who try to live mindfully, ask themselves only two questions. Did I learn to live wisely? Did I love well?”

Curtis admits to feeling deeply moved by the icon and continues to think of Diana as an exemplary role model whom she wishes to honor.

Although the life of Diana was brief, she made monumental choices that continue to affect our culture and the individual lives of many.

May Princess Diana’s memory be a blessing to everyone. She was loved in her lifetime and continues to be missed in her death.


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