Why Princess Diana Wanted to Marry a Muslim?

Royal Diana approached priest to marry her with Muslim

Princess Diana Wanted to Marry a Muslim
Princess Diana Wanted to Marry a Muslim

Royal Princess Diana had allegedly approached a priest to marry her to Dodi Fayed.

Decades after the death of Princess Diana, there is still concern over the happenings of her life and death. It is not enough for some to let the dead rest in peace. Instead, trying to determine the thoughts and feelings at the end days of the fairy princess and her frog are still important. Everyone wants to know if the couple would marry.

In August 1997 both Princess Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed were killed in France. Their car crashed causing the two to perish almost instantly. It was a sad day indeed for everyone.

Princess Diana was well-liked, and her fame as a philanthropist and royal who cared about the less fortunate precedes her. Famous playboy son to the owner of Harrod’s, Dodi Fayed, came from a Muslim background. The two had been intimately involved in a relationship. So much in fact that Diana brought her children on vacation with them. Their last days were well documented with elevator footage from their hotel, photographs and all interviews relating to the investigation of their deaths.

They had been photographed by paparazzi while enjoying their holiday in St. Tropez. Although, their relationship did not end there. A ring was found amongst Fayed’s belongings after the crash. A receipt for an engagement ring and camera footage displayed Fayed picking out the ring.





Diana had been attending church more often the months before her death.

She had asked a priest if it was possible to marry someone who does not share the same religion. His answer was yes as was his willingness to perform a ceremony. Consequently, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume she wanted to get married to her boyfriend in the church.

However, Dodi Fayed had Muslim roots. Would he have married in a church? Would he have married at all?

So many suspicions and opinions revolve around the mystery of Diana and Dodi’s death. The conspiracy theories about the monarchy trying to kill the couple are popular. Nonetheless, countless theories exist until today.



Mystery always surrounds the ones who die so young.

Marilyn Monroe, President John F. Kennedy, Jim Morrison, and so many others had tragic lives. Their deaths create a cloud of mystery. We can’t help but feel curious about them.

Meanwhile, because the unlikely couple tried and succeeded to keep their affair as discreet as possible, questions will continually surround Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. We will never truly know the answers. Certainly, more than a decade past their deaths is enough time to leave their memory alone. If not for respecting their privacy, at least in honor of Diana’s children William and Harry.

It doesn’t hurt to remember the dead on the day of their passing. However, it’s important to keep it fond and loving. How would you want people to talk about you after your death?


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