President Trump and the Real Government Corruption

President Trump and the Real Government Corruption

President Trump and the Real Government Corruption
President Trump and the Real Government Corruption

President Trump is a target for corruption

No doubt, as president he has to ride out ridicule, and criticism. It’s a necessary part of his job title. The media is desperately trying to paint a picture skewing public opinion towards believing President Donald Trump is corrupt and ruining the government.

So far there are many believing these lies and rumors. Digging up scandals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. All in an effort to perpetuate a string of violence and corruption for which they blame Trump.

The Russian scandal that there was tampering with the election is one example.  The breach of ethics scandals and steady stance as president is making Americans very uncomfortable.


They fear change and will do anything to put it off

Not being able to imagine a life without keeping the status quo, or having something to complain about is too disarming. They would rather cause their own upheaval. Nevertheless, these are all distractions from the real underlying problems with in the American government.

That’s why the uncovering of the lay-offs of three government employees may seem insignificant. However, this lay off is a microcosmic example of a macro problem. All this affects Government officials as well as the average tax paying citizen.




Let’s take a closer look

The Awan brothers are Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan. All three of them were let go three weeks ago from their jobs. They were employed as Democratic representatives in powerful government positions.

The many members of the Democratic National Committee had and continued to have dealings with the Awan brothers and their families. Hired under the Obama administration, these obvious immigrants have ulterior motives.

Imran Awan, is the first of three brothers from Pakistan. In 2005, he was hired by Democratic Representatives as a technology worker. Robert Wexler, and Debbie Wasserman Shultz saw to it that his annual salary equal approximately $165,000.00. Soon after he began working, he invited his brothers, his wife and a few other close people to work alongside him. Representatives took all of them. All tax payer dollars funded their salaries.


All congressional representatives were on board with the additional hires

Abid Awan worked closely with members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as a shared employee. Have you ever heard of a shared employee as a title for a job earning $164,980.00 per year? Well, Abid Awan and his brother invented it.

Next, you have Jamal Awan. Jamal was also an Information Tech. He worked for Democratic Representative, Julia Brownley. His yearly salary was $157,577.00.

The three brothers shared passcodes of congressional members, hijacked and destroyed computer hard drives, harnass and access to emails, and many more files.


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