Presenting the Disgusting Discogs Sales Deal Against Music Artist Billy Yeager

Presenting the Disgusting Discogs Sales Deal Against Music Artist Billy Yeager
Presenting the Disgusting Discogs Sales Deal Against Music Artist Billy Yeager

According to SPIN, recently Discogs coordinated a sale of recorded music for $18k.

Some assume the buyer and seller were one and the same person, Billy Yeager. Discogs recants the contribution to any scam. However, they remain to have a hand in the misrepresentation of the purchase that took place on their website. The truth is Billy Yeager has a history of depicting art and music to garner attention for his work and his cause. He is brilliant at it too. A good example of this is Yeager’s Activist video “Crosswinds.”
Presenting the Disgusting Discogs Sales Deal Against Music Artist Billy Yeager


There is no question that Billy Yeager is a talented musician and has directed produced and starred in his own films. He plays guitar, piano, mandolin, drums and other instruments quite well and with fairly decent composition. His vocals are raspy, and lyrics are simple.

What is unique about Yeager’s artistry is the way he presents it.

By no fault of his own, Yeager has found himself pushing his talent in a world that swats him away. The reason is that his views, do not go along with the mainstream.

This simple but clearly damning fact has prevented him from being recognized and moving forward in a career he has earned merit. Reverting to media buzz about “brilliant publicity stunts” and controversial performance artworks. Yeager continues to release his undeniably genuine beliefs into a world that painstakingly cheats him of his well earned recognition.

In a ridiculously corrupt media and music industry focused on the contribution towards society’s downfall and everything of true value, Yeager tries to remain true to his talent and beliefs.

YOUTUBE (Chris Von Weinberg):


His videos attest to his truth

Consequently, he presents startling rare and raw footage. The riveting contrast between real life and the mortality of the human race, how we seek to destroy each other and the false hiding of the self in an extremely shallow world. Henceforth, the world where partying, sex, drugs, and everything celebrating physical luxury and comfort is the modern way to avoid the true realities of life all over the planet.

The culture protest is real, and the media distinctly wants to suppress all that Yeager has produced and created with the talent and artistic abilities he displays.


The list of films which have received awards and recognition include:

  • A Perfect Song – This film is a creative representation of musings about God and creativity.
  • The Highway Men/The Other Side of the Road – Filmed in Florida, The Highway Men documents elderly men Yeager had the opportunity to know until each one passed.
  • Jesus of Malibu – Yeager and his wife completely produced this seven-year “feature film trilogy.”
  • Sebastian Beach One Fine Day – Chosen for the New York City Surf Film Festival, One Fine Day is a surfer film.
  • The Film That Changed the World – Maltese Productions contributed towards this film. It documents the seven years of the making of Jesus of Malibu.

Indeed, one of the most revealing films Yeager has produced is Jimmy’s Story. Billy Yeager performs as the main character, Jimmy Story, a musician searching for his purpose and the meaning of life. At one point in the film, Jimmy Story tries to pass himself of as the long lost son of Jimi Hendrix. Yeager seems effortless to build us to believe his talent and style is representative of his “father,” Jimi Hendrix. Moreover, the chronicle is meant as another artistic performance artwork.


The striking and artful performance incubates the effect pop culture and launching media protest might have.

Therefore, the idea that celebrities are more admirable than true artists or real talent is concrete. Specifically, being the lost son of Hendrix was more exciting to the media than talented local musicians. We can see this today with the children of celebrities.

Meanwhile, has each one of these individual children earned the right with blood, sweat, and tears to gain success? Only their name and notoriety of the family handed them the prize. The work put into any profession is not an easy and smooth road.

Billy Yeager devastatingly understands this. His mission is to raise this consciousness and help those who can not help themselves.

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