Pregnant Transgender Man wants benefits

According to Finnish law, only women can receive parental child compensation. Each citizen has their own number similar to a social security number. Within the number is a code indicating gender. When a woman gets pregnant, she can apply for social benefits. However, her number will reveal a portion of her eligibility. In a current transgender case, the man wants both benefits of changing to man and staying a woman.

Undoubtedly, here and now is a perfect example of the stupidity of transgender everything! Women are simply women. Therefore, men are simply men. Take all the hormones you want. At the end of the day, only women can carry and deliver children. Only women can be nurturing mothers to their young. I say this not to discount a man’s role. Rather, to prove the point that transgender is simply a stupid choice that should never have been an option for anyone.

The Finland case in point, this woman who began transitioning her sex wants to have her cake and eat it too. You can’t claim to be a man, then demand all the rights and priveledges a woman receives and vice versa.

The man in Finland decided with his partner that they wanted a baby. Conveniently, she stopped taking her hormone medications to become fertile and ultimately pregnant. The future father has commented that the rights of the child are what matter. However, he is only four months pregnant, and the child has no rights currently other than the right to life.



It’s about maternity expenses, not the child

The law on “maternity compensation” is based on a woman who is past 154 days into her pregnancy. Undoubtedly, this is about the pregnancy and maternal rights, not about the child. Thus he is struggling to retain benefits for something he obviously relinquished along with his gender.

This blatant disregard for woman’s rights is disrespectful towards women. Everyone makes choices in life. We need to weigh them carefully. Consequences will always result. I for one am happy to see the choice of a transgender blow up in their face. Not accepting what you were given to work with from birth is not part of life’s natural process. It’s clearly not okay to change what nature intended. Now he has to live with his choice.


The disrespect he displays is another issue

Disrespect highlights the nature of transgenders who do not appreciate the sex they were given. If a person can’t understand, this is who I am, this is what I look like, and these are the things I have, and accept them, they have a bigger problem. Changing gender won’t’ fix the problem, it only creates another.

Let this be a lesson to transgenders. I think they should be denied any access to vanquishing gender of choice. None of us gets to choose. Moreover, respect needs to be given to women because they have an ability men do not have. Men also need to be given respect for the role they play as fathers and protecting women particularly during a vulnerable state such as pregnancy.


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