The Post” hosts the effort for Hollywood to postpone crumbling from its foundation

With all the exposure pedophiles are getting as well as the casting couch and slimy sexual harassment coming to light, actors and film moguls are disgruntled. To fix the failing image Hollywood has so carefully kept in place, Spielberg is releasing a new movie The Post to propose a different image onto the ever-growing aware population.



No doubt people are waking up to the fallacy of being spoon-fed information

This brainwashing has taken place over the ages. To undo, backtrack and to placate the awakening public, Hollywood carefully with it’s partner, government and media networks are attempting, per usual, to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. If Spielberg and his cast of well-known actors can pull off the tale of a story with ever so slight deviation of the truth and facts, then they have done their job. In essence, this is grasping at straws. Of course all the rich and famous want to keep their status and not lose their jobs, who doesn’t?


But the veil must be pulled, and the real truth revealed

The Post is the boosted Hollywood version of the release of Pentagon Papers revealing the lack of conviction and reason for the Vietnam War, and it’s drafting of the military. Why suddenly, in the year 2017, the released of JFK files and these Pentagon Papers are so essential?



The motivation behind this reveal falls under the new agenda of transparency. The government has issued to all organizations down the sick chain to “expose the truth” so that those who are searching for it will be fed the truth they want you to know. Don’t take my word for it.


Ask the right questions

Why are these papers released now? They are decades old. Who could have tampered with them? Why is past news relevant today? Could this be a distraction from something more sinister? Why did we go to war in Vietnam? Are the papers real or constructed for public consumption? Ask your own questions too.

The real story of the Pentagon Papers release is nothing like the movie. Jumping on the bandwagon to discredit sexual misconduct by senators and many men in positions of power throughout our modern history and propagandize a female chief editor to give credit to a woman, does that sound at all contrived to you?


Whistleblowers and classified leaks

One has to wonder why the president and his attorney general are cracking down on whistleblowers and classified leaks. This movie and other media sources find this epidemic of leaking truths unacceptable. In response, they must push back. The administration is “reviewing policies and affecting media subpoenas.” Do you think this comes out of the blue?

Pentagon papers exist for every war

The war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria retain top secret files. Every act of government rests documents by the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, Pentagon, Capitol Hill, Congress, and every other major branch. Information given to media sources such as the Washington Post or the New York Times subsists to affect public opinion. It has been going on since the media monster began.

Katherine Graham was the President of the Washington Post. She launched the paper with a fantastic crew of writers and editors who followed their convictions concerning the reporting of the Watergate scandal and the Pentagon Papers. However, he son, Don sold the paper in 2013. Don’s comments about the new movie The Post are not particularly complimentary. “It’s not a documentary of what occurred, but I’m not about to tell Mr. Spielberg how to tell a story.”



Of course, the film dramatizes Graham with the intention of making her an American female icon

The White House and other arms of government threatened the paper for criminal charges at the time of the original release. The dangerous and risky publication put the paper and staff on a limb, which they valiantly recovered.

The freedom of artistic license is something we all should have. Nonetheless, indisputably the question of whether we have the freedoms of speech and expression genuinely exist or is it also just a promulgation?


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Image Credit: Youtube