Police Crackdown on Japanese Perverts Seeking School Girls (Video)

Police Crackdown on Japanese Perverts Seeking School Girls
Police Crackdown on Japanese Perverts Seeking School Girls

Police are finally cracking down on Japanese perverts who exploit young school girls for sex, after much media and NGO pressure.


Japanese culture is deemed by many as the most misogynistic culture in the world, and police are finally dealing with male perverts with a fetish for young school girls.

Nevertheless, some say the actions are not good enough, and merely a show for the media. Members of the media and various NGOs claim that young girls dressed in school uniforms still wander the streets late at night in the notorious Akihabara district. Bars and cafe’s line the streets advertising Joshi Kousei (JK), which is Japanese for high school girls.


Legal crackdown

However, according to most recent reports, authorities have put new ordinances and business standards into place. This is an effort to curb the exploitation of under-age girls. Prostitution is legal in Japan, but only for women over the age of 18. Any establishment proven to employ girls under the age of 18 will face imprisonment for a year or fined up to 1 million yen.

Additionally, any businesses advertising JK services mandatorily must register their employee’s official identification with Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission. This way, employee age verification will be the only way these businesses can run.

In the past, police busts of such establishments have been ridiculed as being just for show. There are approximately 140 JK businesses open within Tokyo, and until now only a few raids have taken place. Most are likely “innocent” and provide services such as chatting and fortune telling. However, there appears to be an escalation of deviant activities that these establishments offer under this charade.

Shockingly, it seems that Japan doesn’t quite understand how unacceptable it is to exploit women and girls as objects men can purchase. The 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report, from the US State Department, considers Japan a grade of Tier 2.  On the four-level scale, this means they rank second due to their inability to “fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.”


Obsession with school girls

The Japanese obsession with school girls began peaking during the 90s. Girls in school uniforms is a wide-spread fetish amongst Japanese men. These men claim they feel an unrequited love from their childhood, or they are simply just lonely and want company. But why do they seek women who are not within the legal age range? Frighteningly, Japan appears to proliferate a pedophile friendly culture. Obviously, the western world considers such an attitude entirely shocking and forbidden.

Nevertheless, there is no denying that these supposedly innocent establishments are more often than not a cover for more sinister activities. Former JK girls, and the NGO workers who rescue many of them concur. The girls working for these businesses come from difficult home lives and in desperation find themselves conned into sexual transactions. Many employers promise the girls payment for supposed innocent meetings with men, for example, simple chats or taking short walks. Depressingly, these interactions notoriously escalate to illegal activities.


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