Peter Madsen tortured a journalist on his private submarine ‘UC3 Nautilus’

Peter Madsen was an entrepreneur and co-founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals. He built numerous submarines. One of them is privately owned by him. One day in August, he took a passenger aboard his submarine. A Swedish journalist named Kim Wall, the body was found decapitated with brutal knife wounds to the chest and abdomen, as well as a metal object intentionally attached to make the body sink.

Madsen explained he met her and they entered the submarine. After an accident where a 70-kilogram hatch cover fell on her head, he decided to bury her at sea. This story came after an initial explanation that he dropped her off in Copenhagen after a ride on the submarine.



“It was a terrible accident, a disaster,” he had said

Madsen is detained for the death of the journalist. However, the story only begins there. During Madsen’s court hearings, prosecutors referred to a computer that Madsen protected vehemently. He was firm in his refusal to reveal any of its contents. Authority was eventually given to the Police to take the computer, and its contents were revealed.

Recorded videos of horrifically violent acts towards women. Women in the process of being strangled, burned, and decapitated were all over the hard drive of Madsen’s computer. During the hearing, Madsen made several attempts to hide his computer. Then he admitted he did not work alone in the lab and several others were responsible for the video footage.

He has already invalidated his testimony by lying several times about Wall, the computer and the lab. Who will believe him now? Additionally, if there is footage of decapitation, clearly this act is familiar to him.


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The investigation is continuing

The computer held links that led to a hard drive. Although the question remains who executed the videos, they are indicative of Madsen’s interest in torture and killing. The videos are real.

At first, Madsen’s defense attorney refused to allow the police access to his computer. She insisted it contained silence clauses and business secrets. My question is what kind of business is he running if torture and decapitation of women are part of the business?

Madsen is proficient as a self-taught aerospace engineer. As CEO of Rocket-Madsens Space Laboratory ApS, he isn’t revealing much. Not much information exists about the laboratory. Its original location was the Horizontal Assembly Building. The building is in a shipyard in Copenhagen. Apparently, this is the building where Madsen researched, developed and built rockets.




Rocket-Madsens Space Laboratory

Nevertheless, on the website of Rocket-Madsens Space Laboratory, there is no information, only a contact link.

Meanwhile, Kim Wall’s body was found ten days after she boarded the sub. It was only after her boyfriend reported her as missing that authorities started to search for her. A passer-by cyclist discovered her body. DNA and other tests identified her body along with 15 stab wounds to her chest and a metal weight pinned around her waist. Meanwhile, there is no indication of rape or sexual misconduct. The journalist had written for the Guardian and the New York Times. She was researching a story on Madsen and his sub before her death.

Finally, after the submarine sank, Police took Madsen into custody for his arrest. He was detained for four weeks and will appear in court again at the end of October. He admitted to sinking his own ship. The reasons are clear. DNA testing proves Wall’s blood was  inside the submarine. When Madsen faced these charges and evidence, he changed his story again.

Therefore, Peter Madsen will no longer maintain a reputation as an aerospace and submarine engineer. Now he is the 46-year-old male who faces a murder charge over the death of a decapitated; dismembered journalist found floating in the capital city of Denmark.


After all this, one has to wonder who the other women tortured on the videos were

Who else has a hand in their production? Obviously, Peter Madsen is a compulsive liar. Throughout the trial he has proven this fact.  If he had not acted alone, the others involved would continue his butchering. They must be found and put in jail right along with him.

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